what would make Ubuntu's life easier?

turn it round; what would make Python folks recommend Ubuntu?

  • automatically build new Python modules from PyPI into "pyuniverse" (Spec/PyUniverse/PyUniverse)

    • (or universe)
    • packaging as much as possible is on the Ubuntu to-do list
    • some automated tools for this available
  • act like a Python equivalent of CPAN
  • some kind of "trackback" equivalent so that distributions can notify PyPI when modules are packaged
  • also build logs

discussion and demonstration of PyPI

  • register

don't want distributions backporting features

  • probably not a problem since we generally support multiple versions of python

having a distribution where all the Python modules you want are pre-packaged and just work is incredibly useful

possibly track release candidates (Debian do this already)

  • mechanism to feed information on current packages back for publishing on
  • part of our python packaging release process?

query about uploading python bug-fix releases to stable-updates

  • we don't do that with GNOME
  • still a possibility? backport security fixes though

Zope has been the cause of many Python bug-fix releases

many changes in 3.0 will be in the area of imports

  • provide solution to standard library versus external module conflict

Scott: is CamelCase standard in Python?

  • answer seems to be generally "not particularly"

suggest Ubuntu put a Python style guide on the wiki

  • we did this, there was a brief WikiWar

mdz: does it matter what Python modules in the default install?

  • as long as the full standard library is there (and maybe the setuptools too), don't care
  • setuptools will end up in distutils eventually

package up shtoom

  • various other external dependencies which would be useful, such as pyalsa

Include ipython and have a link to it


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