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The goal is to build Ubuntu Lucid ARM server packages, a build system, bootloader, and installer that supports ARM v7 architectures such as Cortex A8/A9 for Lucid. ARM is currently supported on the Marvell Dove, Pegatron Babbage, and as a generic ARM root filesystem provided that the person installing provides the kernel/ramdisk.


Recent increases in the cost of energy, and the cost of hosting servers, has created a demand for low power/high performance alternatives to running Linux on x86 architecture machines. The upcoming Maverick release cycle is an opportunity to bring Ubuntu onto ARM servers and clouds.


Because of the wide variety of bootloaders, kernel features, and other board and chip-specific features needed from vendor to vendor it is proposed that Ubuntu ARM-Server be bundled as a rootFS, with kernel and bootloader left separate. The root filesystem created for arm-server should, upon first boot, enter the installer and complete installation of the server. An unattended install feature should also be available to facilitate cluster and cloud computing.

ARM builds are now mature since UDS-L, and almost all critical server packages are being built. Also, root filesystems are now easy to build either by using the rootstock script, or by using debootstrap. (See project-rootstock above)

ARM Packages

Packages specific to the ARM Architecture port needed to create and install ARM Server/Cloud will go here.


There is no current unified ARM bootloader. Currently, the u-boot bootloader is the most commonly used open source bootloader available on the ARM platform. A separate blueprint will be needed to deal with the issue of the overall design and implementation of a standard Ubuntu Server bootloader on the ARM platform if one is desired.

Build System

TBD - dependent on UDS discussions.


TBD - dependent on UDS discussions.

UDS agenda and discussion

Discussion notes on ARM/Server ARM/Cloud ARM/Cluster ARM will be mirrored here from session notes.

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