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  • Created: 2009-11-05

  • Contributors: Steve Kowalik,

  • Packages affected: ubuntu-netbook, ubuntu-netbook-default-settings, infrastructure changes


Ubuntu Netbook Remix has released twice, first in 9.04, and has moved beyond the name "Remix", since a "Remix" is an unofficial edition of Ubuntu that has been modified.

Release Note

Starting with 10.04, Ubuntu Netbook Remix is now called Ubuntu Netbook Edition, or UNE.


A "Remix" is an unoffical edition of Ubuntu that has been modified, and UNR has been offical for the past two releases, so it's name should reflect that.

User stories




The contents unr.lucid seed pod should get moved to a netbook.lucid seed pod, and tasksel and LP notified about the new task names.

cdimage infrastructure and surrounding parts (such as livecd-rootfs) will learn how to create an ubuntu-netbook CD.

The ubuntu-netbook-remix, and ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings packages should be renamed to drop the -remix.

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

"Remix" is an unofficial edition of Ubuntu that has been modified; we're beyond that point and UNR is now official.

  • Ubuntu Netbook Edition
  • No longer a Remix; it's in the archive
  • Has been supported; built for two releases now
  • What do we need to do to make those changes
  • Decision to change names has been made; this session is to decide how to do it

Spec (10,000 foot view) to talk about timeline, master Bug, then Bugs to show individual tasks

  • Need milestones
    • What happens immediately (packages, etc.)
    • What can wait (Web site, etc.)
  • UMR (Ubuntu Moblin Remix) is in a separate session (if both are going to be renamed, consider doing it in parallel, raise during UMR session)

Task Name

  • ubuntu-netbook-remix task renamed to ubuntu-netbook
  • seed pod (unr.<RELEASE>)

  • Wiki pages
    • - How do we track this?
  • Various infrastructure changes, cdimage etc etc (301 redirect for existing URLs?)
  • ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings
  • UNR package descriptions, names, build changes to reflect new names
  • Launchpad project/superproject (

  • livecd-rootfs
  • Documenting the processs itself
  • Upgrades; make sure updating to new package names is smooth and transparent
  • desktop-switcher already went away; Desktop/UNE look and feel now a session instead
  • Visibilty about the rename itself
  • How did this Remix become official? (document the process for other Remixes)
    • - Decision process for this is out of scope


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