Release Note

We made it easier to schedule regular development training events, by adding session suggestions and reaching out with relaxed expectations on the presenter.


Development training events are essential in getting new contributors involved. They are all given by skilled developers, who in a lot of cases are quite busy already. We want to change the perception that it's hard and takes lots of time to get a session going.

User stories

Daniel starts scheduling sessions for the the month and quickly adds a "Q&A session" to fill out the blanks.

Nathan checks the Packaging Forums for questions that came up since the last time and schedules a session to answer those questions.


First of all the documentation for the Packaging Training coordinators will be improved to

  • list sources of input for new sessions
  • explain where to reach out for announcing new sessions
  • explain the process for setting up a session

We will encourage team leads to talk to their respective team about how this is a good opportunity to reach out and get more people involved in the team.

Also will we work on creating a culture where it's more commonly done to say "hey, you really explained this well, why don't you give a quick session about it next week?"


  1. Create Packaging/Training/SessionPlanning

    1. Explain where to reach out to, so we have a proper announcement plan.
    2. Add discussed session suggestions, so we have a better way of filling out the blanks with easy to organise sessons (Q&A, answer questions from the forums, do code review, etc.)

  2. Inform Packaging Training coordinators about the plan.

  3. Reach out to team leaders about the initiative and how it's a great team to get more people involved.
  4. Make sure we announce sessions on IRC beforehand, so we have enough helpers around.
  5. Create screencast about the initiative and how to join in.
  6. Get more people involved with Packaging Training coordinators.

BoF agenda and discussion

Development Training Events

 - Ubuntu Developer Week - Twice a year
 - Packaging Training (initially once a week)

 - Logs useful
 - problematic when it gets closer to release, people busy at sprints, etc.
 - homework? (model answer, simple merges, simple bugs)
 - add "preparation notes", things to use beforehand

Reach out:
 - loco-contacts list, beginners list, womens list, ubuntu-user list, planet
 - make more use of forums
 - facebook group
Getting more people to run sessions:
 - build confidence, encourage people
 - when people explain something, get them to run a session
 - tell project teams they can make good use of training sessions to get people involved
More sessions: 
 - Adhoc Sessions (come with your problem and a developer will help you sort it out)
 - Get questions from the Packaging forums
 - Rotate responsibility among teams
 - Investigate "Beginner's Programming Challenge"

akgraner get "notes for presenters" on the wiki - Rough Copy Located here
try to get people interested in turning logs into screencasts, talk to screencast team
review logs and add links to definite documentation

who wants to join the packaging training coordinators, add your LP ID here: ...
* czajkowski

Action items:
 * dholbach to find out about session about tuition weeks at uds natty
 * akgraner to get "notes for presenters" on the wiki:
 * dholbach to document where to reach out to, which session topics to choose, making sure that logs have links to proper docs
 * dholbach to talk to platform managers
 * duanedesign to talk to screencast team


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