Provide meaningful and easy documentation on how to create new images using livecd-rootfs, debian-cd, and ubuntu-cdimage.

Release Note

No release note: this does not affect end-users in any way, and those few developers who are affected will need the information before the release, making the release note no longer necessary.


These is no clear overview documentation of the image building system, causing confusion to each new person approaching it, and leading to frustration by people attempting to support new products.

User stories

jmarsden and gilir are the main developers behind Lubuntu, a new flavour of Ubuntu. At present they have a hand-crafted shell script to build their ISO, which works for a 32bit LiveCD, but is a little awkward, and has issues with 64bit ISO generation, does not create alternate installer CDs, etc. Lubuntu would much prefer to use official Ubuntu standard ISO build processes, but it is not clear how do to so, or how to learn how to do so.

(Note: This Lubuntu story is a real use case, and we will gladly help test this as the documentation process gets under way!)



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