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  • Created: 2009-11-05

  • Contributors: David Sugar

  • Packages affected: lubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-artwork, lxdm


This spec is to track amd discuss community proposed blueprints and changes for the Lubuntu desktop for Lucid. These changes involve principally adding a new (and separate) Lubuntu artwork package, creating a package for lxdm to use in place of gdm, and seed changes including support for building a live cd from the Lubuntu seed. These are represented as:

Release Note

With the introduction of Lucid, a more complete release of the LXDE desktop for Ubuntu (Lubuntu) is being made available. This release includes the LXDE desktop manager (lxdm), and new artwork.


This spec is mostly to consolidate what is three community specifications, so they can be discussed as a single effort at UDS. Historically LXDE was supported in part through the mobile team, and we are using this to continue some tangible effort at continuing to offer some guidance to the emergence of a very lightweight community driven Ubuntu derivative.

User stories

Contained in community blueprints.


The community will be the primary driving force of this spec.


Contained in community blueprints.


Contained in community blueprints.

UI Changes

Contained in community blueprints.

Code Changes

Contained in community blueprints.


Should be automatic for those who installed original Lubuntu meta package.

Test/Demo Plan

Contained in community blueprints.

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

Notes from UDS will be summarized in and for the respective community specifications that were discussed.


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