• Launchpad Entry: lubuntu-lucid-artwork

  • Created: 2009-10-25

  • Contributors: Julien Lavergne

  • Packages affected: lubuntu-default-settings, lubuntu-artwork ?


Actually, Lubuntu didn't have a specific artwork. This spec describe how to implement an original theme so Lubuntu can be visualy recognized.

Release Note

End-user can recognize Lubuntu with an original artwork. We will also try to improve the user experience by providing an artwork provided by the community.


Lubuntu need a visual identity, so people can recognize it easier.

User stories




  • Setup a wiki page for people who want to propose Artwork.
  • Make some advertising about the need of an original artwork for Lubuntu on forums, blog posts etc ...
  • Organize a vote/feedback.
  • Around Artwork freeze, make an IRC meeting to decide which theme we take.
  • Update the package and upload to the archive

Collect artworks

Set-up a page on the wiki so people can post their artwork, example


Advertise the need of a good artwork :

Code Changes

Update lubuntu-default-application, or split it in a lubuntu-artwork package. Settings and artwork are mixed together in lxde-common package, following the same policy artwork and default settings should be in the same package.

Test/Demo Plan

Usual testing, report bugs against lubuntu-default-settings or lubuntu-artwork.

Unresolved issues

Nothing for now (2009-10-25)

BoF agenda and discussion

From UDS:'

  • Introduction of Lubuntu:
    • Light-weight desktop environment
    • based on LXDE components plus some apps to fulfill a desktop environment
  • Currently Lubuntu wallpaper and artwork is not perfect.
  • We should have a seperate package for artwork instead of patching existing LXDE packages. Work is already done, waiting to be publish on the archive
  • Default LXDE theme is blue. We might want orange theme for Lubuntu. Possibly inherit Humanity icons from Ubuntu or Gnome-Colors Human?
  • Learn from Kubuntu? Blue theme/icon theme
    • Pick a suitable icon theme among existing icon themes. Suggesting Tango style icons.
  • Part of the artwork from the upstream can be re-used.
  • We need someone to lead the process of the artwork crafting.
  • Ubuntu art community.
  • We need gtk theme, icon theme, wallpapers, and usplash theme.
  • Window manager is openbox. Many Beautiful themes exist. However, creating a new theme is desired. See CrunchBang and other Openbox artwork for the openbox part.

  • What is inside lubuntu-artwork package? Wallpaper, icon-set.
    • We can split the package for different kind of artwork.

Action Items

  • add lubuntu artwork package to lubuntu seed once published
  • See if we have already a complete artwork ready made by the community
  • See all piece of artwork we need
  • Get in touch with Ubuntu Art Community for advises
  • Two Camps: Blue and Orange. Which one? Need to take decision before work start


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