• Launchpad Entry: lubuntu-lucid-packaging-policy

  • Created: 2009-10-25

  • Contributors: Julien Lavergne

  • Packages affected: lubuntu-desktop, lxde-default-settings, lxde components


This spec will summarize all necessary tasks related to Lubuntu packaging.

Release Note

Improve the availability of Lubuntu development. Improve the quality of the packages shipped for Lubuntu Lucid.


Lxde components need to be updated to newer version.

User stories




  • Building daily iso of Lubuntu like others flavors
  • Separate package for default settings
  • Package theme(s) and artwork(s)
  • Package LXDE components (uploading snapshot of svn, packages new stuff)
  • (Optional) Set-up a "dummy" team and mailing list only for all bug reports of all packages of the seed (for not spamming lubuntu-desktop)
  • (Optional) Set-up and maintain testing PPA with upcomming packages/testing

Daily ISO

A way to generate daily iso, like other flavors of Ubuntu, need to be found. This is the main request for earlier testers of Lubuntu.

ACTION : Speak with Colin Watson to get CD building setup. ACTION : Register Lubuntu to ISO Bugtracker

LXDE components

Early in Lucid development, svn snapshot should be uploaded to test the current state of LXDE. It should also allow lxde-default-settings to work properly.

DONE : packages uploaded for specific settings ACTION : Talk with LXDE upstream about availability of LXDE components ACTION : Make sure we have last debian release Debian available on Ubuntu

New component should be packages or sync with Debian if it's packaged before. For example, lxdm (login manager), libfm (library for the next pcmanfm) ...

ACTION : Submit bug report on Debian BTS + Launchpad to track effort on this.

Packaging Team

Create the infrastructure to help the development. For example, create a team which will be subscribed to all apckages of Lubuntu seed for all bug report, or using a PPA for more private testing. This is an optional options, since there is not so many people working on Lubuntu.

ACTION : Introduce Launchpad to the community (mail to lubuntu-desktop) ACTION : Schedule more IRC meetings (1 per mounth) ACTION : Create the packaging team. ACTION : Create a testing PPA (using the Lubuntu-desktop one) ACTION : Organize a LXDE submit

Test/Demo Plan

Usual QA and testing for all components. No special Test Plan.

Unresolved issues

Nothing for now (2009-10-25)

BoF agenda and discussion

Discussion on UDS :

Lubuntu Community Goals and Packaging Policies


This session is to summerize the previous Lubuntu sessions at UDS and to discuss packaging policies.

Mailing list for futur discussions :

Action Items

  • Discussion about removing pulseAudio
  • Introduce community to Launchpad (by mail on the mailing to show Launchpad functionnalities which will be used)
  • IRC meeting more often
  • Lubuntu seed for lucid alpha1; based initially on existing karmic seed
  • Speak with Colin Watson to get CD building setup.
  • There should be no problem with adding or dropping packages after alpha 1. This can be done via changes to the seeds.
    • Changes should be minimized after feature freeze.
  • For testing, try to build up a testing community, and see about getting added to the testing tracker.
    • For a release to be included in the /releases directory of, testing must be done, and must be
      • reported on the testing tracker
    • One suggested that a goal for this cycle is to get dailies up and running, and to build the community. If a release is possible, then the group will proceed with it. If not, then a goal would be for a release during the next cycle.
  • Ask on LXDE mailing for release date for all components


  • packaging, in ubuntu or wait for debian?
    • lxdm, pacmanfm, libfm, GtkNetCat

      • Submit bug reports for packaging in Debian
  • issues - lxtask and xfce dependencies?
  • Packages from Debian are merged... but the group should check to see if there are updates in Debian Testing. last time I checked, only menu-cache was not merged.
  • Merge-o-matic is still not working, but should check w/ Debian.
  • Discussed possibility of LXDE developer summit.


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