The goal of the Ubuntu One client application is to move account and management functions from the web onto the desktop so that users have a more unified experience with Ubuntu One (i.e. not jumping from the desktop to the web to perform certain tasks). The full user experience document can be found at for details on the changes to the UI and overall user experience.

Release Note

The Ubuntu One client application replaces the functionality found in the old Ubuntu One client applet as well as adds Ubuntu One account and management functions previously only available via the web, which includes:

  • Joining Ubuntu One
  • Connecting a computer to Ubuntu One
  • Managing your Ubuntu One account
  • Managing your devices connected to Ubuntu One
  • Managing Ubuntu One applications used per device


Prior to the Ubuntu One client application, performing tasks like connecting a computer to Ubuntu One, managing your Ubuntu One account, etc. were only available via which provided a less than ideal user experience.

User stories

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UI Changes

Ubuntu One client application UX document:

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