Qt Mobility is an API that means to abstract from middleware for typical Mobile use cases and as such currently (as of 1.0.0) covers the following areas:

  • Service Framework
  • Bearer Management
  • Messaging
  • Contacts
  • Versit
  • Publish and Subscribe
  • Location
  • System Information
  • Sensors

It's a frontend API that allows to plug in backends for devices and middleware; the package itself does not ship any backends.


Make the Qt mobility API available in the archive, decide which of the available backends to package and make those available in the archive too; choose at least one application that uses the mobility APIs to clean the efforts.


  • package up qt mobility; here we need to coordinate with packaging best practices of the Kubuntu team
  • investigate available backends and decide which one to make available
  • investigate if there are already apps available that make use of the mobility APIs (or part of it) and make those available in a PPA or archive
  • ensure that qt mobility APIs are used on at least one test/UI head provided by Linaro User Platforms Team (see arm-m-ui-and-test-heads)


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