• Launchpad Entry: mobile-karmic-moblin2

  • Created: 2009-04-29

  • Contributors: Emmet Hikory, Michael Casadevall

  • Packages affected: bickley, librest, mojito, twitter-glib, livecd-rootfs, ubuntu-cdimage


The Moblin project is developing a collection of software to improve the user experience using Mobile devices. What would it take if this software were to be packaged and included in Ubuntu.

Release Note

All software created by the Moblin project is now available in Ubuntu, allowing users to investigate the Moblin interface or use additional software that depends on the Moblin base.


The Moblin stack represents a signficant portion of the software being developed to highlight use cases interesting to Mobile users, and inclusion significantly increases the options available when building Mobile flavours within Ubuntnu.

User stories

Alice is a developer working on next-generation user interfaces, and wishes to work in a Moblin Compliant environment. She installs the Moblin packages, and is able to keep her existing Ubuntu installation on her workstation.

Bob is an Ubuntu developer, seeking to provide better integration between network services and desktop applications. By using the Moblin packages, he is able to prepare a compelling interface.

Chris is an OEM who wishes to ship Moblin on an Ubuntu base, being able to take advantage of certification and enablement services.


  • There will be a final release of Moblin 2.0 prior to FeatureFreeze.

  • The applications included in Moblin 2.0 can be made compatible with the Ubuntu infrastructure.


Libraries, daemons, and applications available from shall be packaged and pushed into the repositories. A PPA will be made available, compiled against Jaunty, to increase the scope for experimentation by those not comfortable with the churn of a development repository. Themes and artwork will be reviewed for license suitability, and are only optionally included in the scope of this packaging effort.


Ubuntu Moblin Remix will be implemented as a separate universe flavor similar to Xubuntu, etc. All packages for Moblin must pass through the NEW queue into the archive, and seeds will have to be created (which will be used as part of the meta-package creation). livecd-rootfs will have to be modified to generate new live images for Ubuntu Moblin, as well as ubuntu-cdimage to add the new flavor to the build system.


No migration is required: this represents the additional of new functionality that does not supplant any existing functionality.

Test/Demo Plan

Each package will be tested to ensure that it compiles, installs, and provides the described services.

Unresolved issues

This spec does not specify what should be done with the packages once available.

BoF agenda and discussion

Use this section to take notes during the BoF; if you keep it in the approved spec, use it for summarising what was discussed and note any options that were rejected.


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