• Launchpad Entry: mobile-unr-accessibility

  • Created: 2009-04-23

  • Contributors: Paul Larson

  • Packages affected: libclutter, netbook-launcher, window-picker-applet, desktop-switcher


This specification is to discuss accessibility and it's requirements for UNR

Release Note

Support for accessibility is added for Ubuntu Netbook Remix.


Accessibility enablement for netbook-launcher would provide support for assistive technologies as well as providing the necessary hooks for automated testing.

User stories

Edmund uses a screen reader to work with his netbook. The netbook-launcher interface allows him to navigate with the help of a screen reader.

Peter tests daily releases of Ubuntu Netbook Remix on multiple different netbooks. He uses LDTP to automate testing of the netbook-launcher.



For reference: ATK hooks need to be added to clutter Other UNR targetted apps and applets need to be audited for accessibility support, for instance, it has been reported that window-picker-applet does not speak the title of in screen readers.


The cally project upstream is already looking at adding the necessary hooks for clutter.

UI Changes

Code Changes

Test/Demo Plan

Once implemented, it should be possible to use tools such as accerciser and ldtp to demonstrate this is working correctly, as well as tools such as screen readers.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Main problem is the launcher. Everything else uses GTK and should be fine.

Clutter doesn't have widgets or ATK.

Work that is underway is will help for accessibility, along with things like keyboard browsing.

Cally is a ATK hooks for Clutter, which should be investigated.

Accessibility helps for testing.

Moblin's toolkit does not support accessibility.

LTDP, DogTail, Accerssizer are tools used to test accessibility.

accessibility for oem-config is going to be addressed. Work on adding accessibility into the gfxboot options.

window-picker-applet is in the panel, is that accessible? No, it doesn't speak the title.

desktop-switcher is a dialog, should be accessible?

Theme changes for accesibility?

Clutter performance? Just to see if the launcher looks okay. Clutter has debugging hooks to tell how many dropped frames there are and such.

Gnome Shell has the same problem. They are also making use of clutter.

On-screen keyboards?? Have we tried using the on-screen keyboards with the apps that are shipped with UNR and not Ubuntu.


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