Release Note

Alsa Scenario Manager aka Use Configuration Manager is designed to configure audio hardware in userspace depending on the configuration of the platform and usage environment. This will greatly speed up the deployment of new custom hardware for the developers and end users that don't know how or don't have the resources to cusomize the kernel driver.


User stories

Jim is designing a nettop box based on components of a publicly available development platform, but only wishes to use a portion of the audio codec's capabilities (i.e. one output jack). The driver for the codec is already in the kernel. By creating a custome UCM configuration file, Jim can test his hardware designs a lot faster and easier without having to learn how to integrate his changes in the kernel.

Billy just bout a new system that included a different OS. He knows that the Ubuntu kernel supports his chipset, but he can't get audio to work without a lot of changes to mixer controls. These changes need to be made after every reboot for audio to work. Upon reading the UCM documentation, Billy is able to create a configuration file for his system that he can upload and share with the community.


The main assumption is that UCM will be ready for initial release before feature freeze. Otherwise, hacks will need to be put in place to configure systems to work out of the box.


As UCM is largely undocumented at this time, implementation will need to be discussed at a later point.

UI Changes

The idea behind UCM is that with proper configuration files, no changes to other user environments will need to be made (i.e. pulseaudio).

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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