Gobby notes

Team overview

Home page:

Informational pages translated into italian:

Test adoptions:

Test performed:

There are some requirements to become an approved member:

  • LP account
  • Wiki page
  • Performing a test appropriately

13 Members, 7 are new contributors to Ubuntu in the Italy ISO tester group Between 3 and 9 people tested each milestone

Most users prefer to do live tests as they do not have extra hardware

  • - what about using e.g. Test Drive? - and kernel automated testing (usb bootable) -
    • - hand out thumb drives with the automated test suite on them to run (checkbox on boot)

Team's Data

  • how many approved members at the end of the cycle
    • 13 people
  • how many of them never contributed before
    • 7 people
  • how many tried to participate (mailing list subscriber against members)
    • 54 ppl in ML - 5 already ubuntu members = 49 (26,53% of them are active members)



Test cases performed




10.04 A2



10.04 A3



10.04 B1



10.04 B2



10.04 RC



10.04 Final



Leader's experiences

  • Why LoCo should do tests?

    • win win condition. Ubuntu become better, LoCo get a simple task for newcomers

  • how many time is needed to lead the team? Is it a demanding activity?
    • very demanding, see following Mailing Messages statistics
      • December 107
        • Pages set up, translation and first "learning" tests
      • January 140
        • Alpha 2
      • February 57
        • Alpha 3
      • March 342
        • Laptop test started
        • Group becomes official announced also in forum and newsletter
      • April 247
      • May 44
  • things easier and harder
    • Live test very easy to perform, wide participation
    • harder: explain how to report a bug if system doesn't boot
  • best lesson learned
    • kiss: keep it simple stupid
    • testing is fun and also make hype: more people blogging about new features, it's also a marketing effect
    • newcomers learn how ubuntu is being made and how to report detailed bugs
    • some people started contributing in other areas (translations, triage, doc, etc)


  • We need more statistics from Iso Tracker, also in a raw format (to be managed later in OOo)
    • user activity
    • past reports
    • Statistics of test reports that encourage people to do more (similar to 5-a-day for triage)
    • Launchpad karma for testing
  • Could hook into Launchpad teams (drupal API) and know about which testers are on which teams and display a chart similar to so LoCo members could see what they're covering

how to speed up reporting

  • previously reported bug on same testcase
  • space trimming in bug's input box
  • Information
    • if a user marks started a test and there's a respin he's notified
  • Other types of testing
    • Functional, regression, SRU, usability

Next steps

  • Decide together more test cases based on live version
  • Keep and increase test coverage
  • Add more images and test case (server?)
  • More LoCos start their testing teams

  • organize a sort of competition in testing

How can the larger QA community help?

  • Improve ISO tracker to show history, add communication/social features
    • maybe LP karma for tests?
  • Competitions for testing... "Testing Olympics" or "World Cup of Ubuntu Testing"


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