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My name is Kent Seaton. I have recently reentered the Linux in January 2007. My knowledge classification of Linux in general sits around the level of newb or novice. The first time I really used Linux was back in 1992 before the big bang of ARPANET. However, it just wasn't good enough to replace my Amiga at the time. My Amiga had died not long before and it was time once again to get back into Linux. I downloaded Debian Sarge and used it for a couple weeks. I wanted something better, more of a desktop Linux (yeah, even more so than Debian) so I gave Fedora Core 6 a shot along with OpenSuSE. These were the distros I knew from many people speaking about them... then I heard about Ubuntu and decided to give it a shot. I was hooked from there out. Ubuntu is my primary desktop distribution. I still dabble with the smaller distros (Puppy Linux / Damn Small Linux) so I can work with older systems from a USB key.

Missouri LoCo Team

I'm not the team leader or the primary contact, however I consider myself to be a team builder. A cheer leader if you want to put it that way. My primary role at this time is to build the MissouriTeam LoCo pages and provide support where I can.


Right now I'm a little green when it comes to experience, but I'm building fast. I'd like to contribute to fixing bugs but still need guidance on Launchpad, and perhaps some extra time. My main goals include:

  • Build and promote the MissouriTeam (official status)

  • Become a member of Ubuntu
  • Learn more about the development tools
  • Expand programing in Python, Ruby, and PHP



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