GNOME had a micro release exception granted by the Technical Board in June 2012. Since the granting of micro release exceptions was made more generic and then decisions delegated to the SRU team directly, the documentation of this exception was removed.

However, GNOME does not meet the new generic terms on the QA requirement. The policy requires a TB exception. Since this was granted previously, including the consideration of QA, we can treat this as "grandfathered".

Therefore, GNOME has a microrelease exception as follows, which applies regardless of the additional QA requirements in the current general MRE policy:

  • "GNOME (only the core modules and apps, not the entirety of what is hosted on (approved on 2012-06-22)"
  • Clarifying this is ongoing here, the first cut is “the set of apps in core, plus the direct dependencies in sdk”.

Microrelease updates to gnome-shell are at risk of regressing packages providing gnome-shell extensions as we discovered in the case of LP: #1892245. Going forward, the SRU team would like to see suitable mitigations for this type of regression before publishing gnome-shell microrelease updates, such as through thorough testing of reverse dependencies.

Vala is not considered part of GNOME for the purposes of micro release updates. Regardless of this, the Vala situation is special as it’s generally necessary to also rebuild reverse build dependencies for a Vala SRU to have any effect. If Vala microrelease updates are desired, this will need to be justified and requested independently (whether as a one-off or a standing documented case).


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