I, Stefan Bader, apply for per-package upload rights for virtualization related packages.


Stefan Bader

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Who I am

I currently live in Germany and am employed by Canonical as a Kernel Engineer. I am currently acting as the interface between the kernel and the server team and contact for all kernel (or related) issues that the server team brings up. Also, I am now doing all the Xen packaging for Ubuntu. Before that I was doing the maintenance of the released kernel trees. And before joining Canonical I was working for IBM as a kernel developer on the zSeries (S/390) architecture.

My Ubuntu story

I started with Linux around 1993 (version 0.99 patchlevel 14) with kernel compiles as sort of a requirement. After some less intense involvements on other UNIX platforms I joined the mainframe development in 2000. There the main distributions were Redhat and Novel/SUSE. I joined Canonical in January 2008 and have since then dived into the Ubuntu/Debian way of work.

My involvement

  • Member of the Canonical Kernel Team since January 2008
  • Coordination and maintenance of all stable kernel releases
  • Working on server/cloud related issues and maintaining Xen in Ubuntu.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • Kernel maintenance for Dapper, Gutsy, Hardy and Intrepid
  • CVE triaging and upload preparations
  • Working on kernel bugs
  • Working with the kernel team community (IRC and mailing list)
  • Helping in bringing back Xen host support into Ubuntu and ensuring Xen guest can be managed as simply as KVM guest from virt-manager.

Things I could do better

  • Spend more time on open kernel bugs

Plans for the future

  • Try to reduce the delta we got for Xen between Debian and Ubuntu.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Having to say "won't-fix" in the knowledge of that sometimes being better than to regress for others.


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Andy Whitcroft (~apw)

General feedback

I have worked with Stefan for a number of years on the kernel, he has always proved to be reticent to take risks and quick to question both others and himself; all of which is a positive when dealing with change to core packages with high regression risk.

Over the last cycle or so he has been taking more and more responsibility for xen and other virtualisation related packages. This has included taking on the CVE burden for these packages, including taking a request for MRE for xen through the techboard to acceptace.

Specific Experiences of working together

His work has helped us achieve delivery of Xen 4.4 into 14.04 LTS which will simply maintenance there. During this work I have reviewed and sponsored a number of Xen packages as well as ancillary packages such as a libvirt. I have found his work to be of high quality, and he reponsive to criticisms of his work. Recently these criticisms has these have dropped to the level of nits.

Areas of Improvement

Stefan tends to hold back when things are good enough, looking for perfection. He could do to trust himself more and push forward.


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Serge Hallyn (~serge-hallyn)

General Feedback

Stefan is knowledgeable, meticulous, very careful, happy to seek and always quick to respond to feedback.

Specific examples of working together

I've worked with Stefan mainly on libvirt (where he has done great work mainly with xen) and finding kernel bugs relating to kvm and namespaces.


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Adam Conrad

General feedback

Rather than write my very own endorsement, I think I'll just say "ditto" to Andy's here. We often tag-team on reviewing smb's uploads, and he's come a long way in the least few years. The "Virt Packageset", rather than straight core-dev was partially my idea, as I'm not sure Stefan needs full core-dev to upload, essentially, the same five packages over and over, but from a skills perspective, I wouldn't hesitate to say he *could* be a core-dev, just that he doesn't need to be. From that POV, I think the PPU rights for Xen/qemu/libvirt and other ancilliary bits that we find sit well in that packageset seems to be a slam-dunk to me.


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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