Ubuntu User since August, 2006

About me

My name is Stefan Ebner, I'm 18 years old and I live in Hermagor in the southern Austria. I have been using linux for two years now and I have tried a lot of different distros like debian, fedora, mandriva, suse but once a friend told me about Ubuntu and after a little bit of help from him I got it working on my laptop. I discovered that Ubuntu was really the best distro of all and it's my primary OS since 2 years.

My work

I still make a lot of mistakes and my sponsors would agree. Nevertheless I'm willing to gain more and more experience and to improve my skills. Here is a list of merges and syncs I'm very proud of. (Some contain mistakes made by me but I'm proud of them because these programms are well known and widely used and it's my goal for the future too keep bringing new versions of well known/good programs to ubuntu.)

Here you can see the rest of the packages I worked on.

Packages I worked on.

My Goals

  • keep merging and syncing hot new stuff from Debian
  • start packaging hot new stuff
  • make C# apps rocking
  • become an Ubuntu Member ---> DONE (through universe-contributors)

  • become a MOTU Smile :) ---> DONE


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