I'm an Ubuntu and Debian user, sysadmin, and developer.

I am a fairly inactive Ubuntu core-dev, and am a Ubuntu Release Team member. I can generally be found hanging out in #ubuntu-motu, but tend to mostly lurk, these days. I have an interest in Python-related packages and thus experience with the related packaging tools.

Elsewhere in the distrosphere, I am a Debian Developer. In Debian, I mostly concentrate on Python-related packages, and am a member of the Debian Python Modules and Applications Teams. I will happily sponsor uploads of Python Modules or Applications in Debian, for Ubuntu Developers (or non-Python packages, for that matter). I also occasionally serve as an Application Manager for developers coming through the New Maintainer process.

When I'm not playing with Linux distributions, I play as an upstream developer for Ibid - a horrifically-overfeatured, but easy to write plugins for, IRC/Jabber/XMPP/etc bot.

If it matters, in the real world, I'm hacking on Deployment systems at a not quite so little any more start-up in Cape Town.

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