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I have been developing on Unix systems since the early 1980s, and on Linux specifically since 1995. I started with and used Slackware until 2003, when I was hired by Xandros (another Linux distribution) to develop security, automated package deployment, and server software, followed by ARM development work on embedded Linux systems.

I spent the last few years implementing the touch stack in Ubuntu and currently manage Unity 7 maintenance and work on Unity 8 desktop convergence.

I am also involved with the Debian project packaging games, and the GCC project, particularly the C++ standard library implementation (random number generators and regular expressions). I have mentored GSoC students implementing GCC's libstdc++ regex library for the last two years.

Contact Information


I participate the Canada Loco and in the MOTU efforts. I am a Ubuntu member, and visit the forums from time to time.

Future Goals

  • maintaining and expanding the Unity shell in Ubuntu
  • maintaining and expanding games available in Debian and Ubuntu
  • getting a full impementation of <regex> into GCC's libstdc++

  • become a MOTU

I also occasionally work in audio software (eg. rosegarden).


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.


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