Steve Langasek

About me

Name: Steve Langasek
Location: Portland, OR, US
Age: 38
Occupation: Software developer
Launchpad page:

I've been involved with Free Software since 1996, when I first started tinkering with my newly-installed Slackware system. After hosing it nicely during my upgrade from libc5 to glibc, I spent four years in Red Hat purgatory before my religious conversion to Debian in 2000 and have been a staunch supporter of, and contributor to, Debian ever since.

I did my degree work in Spanish and Portuguese, which upon graduation I immediately put to use as a system administrator in the central US. I have worked as a system administrator or software developer for the past 8 years, and joined Canonical as the Ubuntu release manager in September 2007.

My work on Ubuntu

My Launchpad packages page provides a good summary of my involvement in Ubuntu: I am also a contributor to a number of Ubuntu packages by way of maintaining or co-maintaining them in Debian, including samba, pam, and openldap2.3, and as Ubuntu release manager I get to put my fingerprints on all kinds of different packages as part of QA work.

For the hardy release cycle, I will be working closely with the server team on the implementation of several specs that lie close to my heart.

My other FOSS work

I have been an intermittent upstream committer to Linux-PAM for 9 years, and have recently borne the responsibility for merging Debian/Ubuntu PAM patches upstream. In my role as a packager I have contributed upstream fixes to a number of projects, Samba in particular. I have participated in the development of Pioneers, a Settlers of Catan implementation for GNOME, and FreeTDS, an open-source client library for communicating with Microsoft and Sybase SQL servers.

Within Debian, I was a porter for the Alpha architecture, which has involved me in the development process for the debian-installer. I also served as a volunteer release manager for Debian for 2½ years.


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