Steven Harms

Email: <thisdyingdream AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Ubuntu and I

I currently provide support on #ubuntu for a few hours a day, and triage a bunch of bugs (and submitted patches), and am working on becoming a member of MOTU. Current launchpad karma is 96850 and rising (this is my testimonial).

Also have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and am a Ubuntero.

My Launchpad Page

MOTU Edgy Package Updates

  • gpac
  • motion
  • ffmpeg2theora
  • zsnes
  • linphone
  • moc
  • dvr

MOTU Edgy Merges

  • ccmalloc


Work a lot on bug triage, and confirmation of bugs. (Moving bugs to need info, confirmed etc)

Submitted patches for bugs:

Submitted usability issue that was fixed:


Made corrections to Synaptics Touchpad


Posted guide for making back and forward mouse buttons work with Microsoft USB Explorer mouse


Provide support to many people every day, while following the code of conduct

Plans and Ideas

I plan to get more involved in the packaging of software in the realm of MOTU as there is a good number of packages that need a caretaker. Plan to keep the triage going as every bug I can prioritize means another dev can do something infinitely more important.

About Me

I am programmer and advocate of open source operating systems. Graduated in August 2006 fron the University of Michigan. ...


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