About Me Name: Steven Richards Location: Seattle,Washington, USA Launchpad: steven.richards GPG Key: A634DA1D Email: Steven.richardspc at IRC: Captainkrtek on twitter: Captainkrtek

Steven Richards

I'm a long time Android developer and Ubuntu user, and have been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn. Just recently I have moved ships to the open source community to share my writing contributions with such teams as Ubuntu-Docs and Gnome-Docs. I also have been working with the various bugs in Ubuntu, Unity, and Debian by categorizing and processing them as they come in.

Although I have only been here for a short while, I look forward to long term contributions that I can bring to the community as a whole. Currently I'm applying to be on the Bug Control team along with hosting a Ubuntu CD Mirror located at


* Various bug report processing / triaging for Ubuntu, Debian, Unity, LibreOffice.

* Contributions for Ubuntu-Doc and Gnome-Doc teams for Natty Narwahl.

* Writing and editing parts of the Ubuntu-Manual (Maverick)

* Pending Review of an Ubuntu CD Image Mirror:

* Frequently helping fellow Ubuntu members in the #ubuntu channel on the Freenode network.

* Successfully promoted a survey for Ubuntu-Advertising in order to gain feedback, promoted via twitter and got the survey link to show up in ~ >10,000 twitter feeds.

* Currently a member of... Ubuntu Advertising, Desktop Bugs, Ubuntu-Doc, Ubuntu-Manual, Ubuntu-Marketing, Ubuntu-Server, and Ubuntu-Testing


I hope to bring the same amount of work and contributions that I shared with the Android community to the other projects related to Ubuntu and it's various packages. I look forward to working with all of you, promoting the Ubuntu philosophy, and sharing my passion for open source technologies.

I hope to be a member of the following teams some day Smile :-)

* Ubuntu

* Ubuntu Documentation Committers

* Ubuntu IRC Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

IRC Logs

<Captainkrtek> philipballew, do sudo lspci | grep audio
<philipballew> that shows nothing...
<Captainkrtek> :/
<Captainkrtek> check for updates 
<Captainkrtek> not in drivers
<Captainkrtek> but in update manager
<philipballew> sudo apt-get type?
<Captainkrtek> no like open update manager
<philipballew> yeah sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
<Captainkrtek> yeah
<Captainkrtek> that works as well :P
<philipballew> lol. what do you think this will do?
<Captainkrtek> well I saw some updates a few days ago for audio
<philipballew> alright. that could work
<philipballew> i have to run. i will see if this works, otherwise look for you on here soon!

Captainkrtek    grover_78, okay follow me       03:37
Captainkrtek    grover_78, System --> Administration --> Synaptic       03:38
grover_78       its a P4 2ghz with 512 and 256 RAM sticks. (so thats 700 and some megs) 03:38
Captainkrtek    yeah we need to remove compiz lol       03:38
grover_78       1x 80 gig and 1x 40 gig HD      03:38
Error404NotFound        768     03:38
grover_78       um...   03:38
grover_78       yeah thats about all I can recall, its an old beast lol 03:38
Captainkrtek    grover_78, System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manager       03:38
Error404NotFound        i love docky    03:39
Captainkrtek    Error404NotFound, how are you liking Ubuntu now?        03:39
grover_78       ok I got that open and loaded   03:39
Error404NotFound        its fine when it works lol      03:39
Captainkrtek    grover_78, under Quick Filter type "compiz"     03:39
Captainkrtek    and hit enter   03:39
Captainkrtek    see results?    03:40
Error404NotFound        did anyone ask if he was running 10.04 or 11.04?        03:40
grover_78       yeah, compiz, and fusion-icon and stuff.        03:40
grover_78       11.04 I believe
Captainkrtek    grover_78, okaay every box with a green filled in checkbox, right click and mark for removal    03:42
Error404NotFound        yeah im thinking it dont run in gnome by default        03:42
grover_78       just the green boxes, nothing else?     03:42
Captainkrtek    yup

Error404NotFoun1        anyone care to tell me how to get flash to work right?
Captainkrtek    Error404NotFoun1, I can help you with flash     03:25
Error404NotFoun1        flash dont update much  03:25
Captainkrtek    what is your setup?     03:25
Captainkrtek    Chrome? 64bit?  03:25
Error404NotFoun1        firefox 64x     03:26
Captainkrtek    Oh I can help :)        03:26
Captainkrtek    let me give you a script I modified
Captainkrtek    Error404NotFoun1, download it, chmod +x it then in a terminal ./

^ Ended up helping him over TeamViewer, it worked Smile :-)


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