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This specification has now been implemented. The process for applying for Ubuntu membership is explained at Membership.


To reduce the bottlenecks and time-zone based problems in obtaining Ubuntu membership from the Community Council, the Council will delegate membership approval to a number of regional bodies to approve members via fortnightly meetings.

The Community Council will be free to concentrate on project governance and will introduce a system of review for various areas of the project at each meeting.


The Ubuntu project is rapidly expanding and the current process for approval of new Ubuntu members is struggling to keep up with the increased participation. The list of pending membership applications is so long that the Community Council cannot focus on other issues. Also, it is often difficult or impossible for potential new members to attend Community Council meetings which do not coincide with their availability in a particular timezone.


This falls into two areas.


Three regional teams will be created for approving new Ubuntu members, in the following geographical areas:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Asia / Oceania.

Each team should have at least 7 people on it and will hold weekly meetings in their own timezones (probably in the early evening), varying the day a little week by week.

A quorum of 3 or 4 people will be sufficient to hear a membership application. The CC will not hear membership applications except in contentious or disputed cases.

The result will be that meetings will be shorter and more convenient for potential new members to attend.

For the first few months, the results of the team meetings, including a list of approved names, wiki pages and Launchpad url's, should be passed up to the Community Council mailing list. This will permit the Council to review the process and implement any changes if thought necessary.

It is important that the whole community can keep aware of the new members as they are approved. As a result, a reporting process will be drawn up whereby each regional council will supply specific information about each candidate to the UWN team to include with the weekly newsletter.

Governance Review

JonoBacon or DennisKaarsemaker will be asked to draw up a regular review of project governance, identifying two or three areas of the project that the Community Council wants to talk about in each meeting. The leaders of the relevant teams will be invited in to the meetings for a public chat about their work. The Council will focus its attention on that, have community leaders write and blog about that part of the project, identify areas for improvement, and generally attempt to help that part of the project excel.

Equally, the CC will develop a much better understanding of the personalities and issues at play in each of those different aspects of the project.


Draw up comprehensive wiki pages to document the new process, organise the scheduling and agendas of the new meetings, and document the reporting process.


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