SuprEngr (suprengr) a.k.a Super Engineer.

  • Full name: SuperEngineer

  • Time zone: Europe/London

My Philosophy: I have achieved many great & wonderful things in my life. Things that amaze & surprise many people, including myself. Yet there are so many others that have, and continue to, achieve so many greater & more wonderful things that ensure mine will always pale in comparison.

I am not ashamed of that. I have achieved. I am pleased that there are better. I stand only as an example of what can be achieved… as a springboard to greater achievements. The greatest achievement… understanding the above.

Other SuperEngineer links: IRC [Freemode] SuperEngineer, and SuprEngr@twitter [@SuprEngr] (yes - that's me as well)


World's shortest synopsis:

I have been:

  • a Unix admin.
  • a (Windoze) software engineer
  • a software implementation consultant
  • born on another planet

I am currently:

  • from another planet
  • a hardware [& some software] engineer (less stress)

Currently installed distros:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 [main desktop]
  • Ubuntu Mate 14.04 [secondary desktop]
  • Xbuntu 14.04 [on HP Mini - portable desktop]
  • Lubuntu 14.04 [on Acer netbook - why not?]


  • Proud member of: Ubuntu-UK.
  • Inactive member of: Ubuntu-Users.

I come from another planet.

I also come from a background of using Unix before Linux. I was then forced to be a Windows user due to work. I am proudly a Linux user and only use Windows begrudingly. I have no hope of becoming an "official" Ubuntu Community member... I no longer code, but I do test and I do report bugs. I feel that [very correctly] makes me a very minor member of the larger world of Ubuntu.

My main contributions: - I provide a sense a humour [I hope] - I am not afraid to step in and give a miscreant a "nudge" in the right direction on IRC if needed - I do my best to be a "good" human being - I am very proud to be part of the Ubuntu community

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