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<coolbhavi> Hi vojtech_t michalski
<vojtech_t> Hi.
<michalski> hay coolbhavi
<michalski> (hey)
<coolbhavi> :)
<coolbhavi> michalski Any idea where theCore is?
<michalski> let me check my inbox
<michalski> nope, nothing
<coolbhavi> Lets wait for other 10 minutes mate
<michalski> roger that Charlie Bravo Hotel, Bravo Juliette Mike out
<coolbhavi> popey.. Are you there? You are the senior most member...
<michalski> hey whats the purpose of chanserv?
<coolbhavi> ChanServ is used as a guard bot..
<michalski> .....ok
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<michalski> welcome andrea-bs
<andrea-bs> hello michalski
<michalski> back in a second
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs hi
<andrea-bs> hello coolbhavi
<michalski> back
<michalski> note: this channel just hit an all time high for messages-in-a-day
<coolbhavi> :)
<michalski> wow.... /msg chanserv /help
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<michalski> hey txwikinger
<txwikinger> hey michalski
<vojtech_t> hi txwikinger
<txwikinger> sorry for being late
<txwikinger> hi vojtech_t
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs txwikinger How should LP improve support and compliment Ubuntu forums?
<txwikinger> Not sure.. I think we are doing not too bad
<txwikinger> Maybe we need to make sure that less questions are unanswered
<andrea-bs> perhaps LP should be easier to use
<michalski> i find it fairly easy, but I dont like how it shoots old still-active questions to wayyy at the bottom, if the person helping them at the moment gets stumped,...
<andrea-bs> for example, it's very easy to subscribe to a forum, but LP is a bit more complicated for some users
<txwikinger> I think if we have ideas that increase the usability of LP, we can write a spec and give it to the LP people
<michalski> then no one knows the question needs help
<andrea-bs> I agree with michalski
<vojtech_t> I too.
<txwikinger> Maybe we need the reverse sorting filter for "recently updated"
<vojtech_t> Yes, that's good idea.
<andrea-bs> +1 from me
<michalski> would it be possible to maybe have an assigning system set up for questions? when you answer something you can assign it to yourself, if you get stumped, you click a button or something and it moves the question to the top of the quee and removes you as the assignee
<txwikinger> that's a good idea too
<michalski> (basiclly reposting)
<txwikinger> A little more like a support software  for professional support technical
<andrea-bs> michalski: if you look at the left menu there is an "Assignee" field
<txwikinger> A little more like a support software  for professional technical support
<michalski> yeah, but how do you use it? :S
<andrea-bs> but I can't find the way how to edit it
<coolbhavi> yes.. +1 take a look at this also..
<andrea-bs> for the Assignee, why don't file a bug against Launchpad Answers? ;)
<txwikinger> How do you set an assignee?
<andrea-bs> this can't be done from the UI
<txwikinger> Maybe that is a part that is only enabled for professional (paid) usage of LP?
<coolbhavi> yes the same question I asked a few days back out of curiosity..
<andrea-bs> txwikinger: LP is and will be always free
<txwikinger> andrea-bs: well there are a couple of conspiracy theories :D
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs but LP has a image that its closed source...
<coolbhavi> :)
<andrea-bs> <coolbhavi> yes the same question I asked a few days back out of curiosit ← the Help team should be able to make assignements IMHO
<txwikinger> I was even asked at my bug-triage tutorial at my LUG about that
<andrea-bs> coolbhavi: yes, but free is not open source ;)
<michalski> (on the note of helping improve launchpad...:
<coolbhavi> :) yes
<coolbhavi> But how to do it? contact the LP team admins or file a bug...
<andrea-bs> file a bug is the better way
<vojtech_t> file a bug
<michalski> could we have a feature where were considered something like mod's and can assign?
<michalski> just wondering
<txwikinger> We can certainly consider... my question would be what exactly do we want to achieve and also look for alternatives
<txwikinger> maybe we shoot to fast into a solution without looking at the borader picture
<txwikinger> assigning rather narrows the people looking at an issue and works very well at a workplace
<coolbhavi> michalski once you have subscribed to a question it drops in to your mailbox and LP is open to all mods wont be a good thing i think.. About assignment we can file a bug for sure..
<michalski> ok, Problem: questions getting shot down too fast
<michalski> (is there a bigger picture? ^-| :S)
<txwikinger> I would rather look how to "highlight" the questions in question
<coolbhavi> +1
<michalski> +1
<andrea-bs> +1
<txwikinger> Maybe a filter "Question with no answer for x amount of time"
<vojtech_t> +1
<vojtech_t> yes
<michalski> my mailbox has gone artificially intelligent and decides which mail gets to me and what does not
<michalski> its so anoying
* coolbhavi too agrees on <txwikinger>
<michalski> good idea, txwikinger
<michalski> have to go or i'll be late for extra-curicular activity
<coolbhavi> OK bye michalski
<txwikinger> bye michalski
<andrea-bs> michalski: bye, see you soon
<txwikinger> Maybe even with a notice (link) like it appears sometimes for less frequent languages
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs another question Can we mail Seveas to add a feature to ubotu to display open questions like bugs?
<txwikinger> good idea coolbhavi
<txwikinger> I already thought about implementing something like that for our channels where this would be useful
<coolbhavi> yes..another thing compared to ubuntu forums LP answer team has got a minimal staff to provide support How to atleast get people interested?
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs any thoughts?
<coolbhavi> <txwikinger> <vojtech_t> any inputs?
<andrea-bs> sorry, I was busy
<txwikinger> Maybe doing some tutorials/presentations like we do for bug triage
<andrea-bs> coolbhavi: I think the feature could be useful
<txwikinger> I will do an online one for the German speaking area sometime this month
<coolbhavi> Ok.. On this channel I suppose... We can have a tutorial
<andrea-bs> on the "Help" menu of most of the Ubuntu applications there's a "Report a bug" item, what about "Ask a question"?
<andrea-bs> oh, sorry
<andrea-bs> there's "Get help online" ;)
<txwikinger> cool .. didn't even know that :D
<coolbhavi> and another many people when their problems get solved will click problem solved by themselves button.. Seems ambiguous for new users.. I think we have to have a meet and presentation sessions atleast once in 2 months...
<andrea-bs> coolbhavi: there's a spec about it
<coolbhavi> yes I know but LP has not done anything about it..
<txwikinger> well... a lot of people asking those questions will probably never attend any presentations
<andrea-bs> I think Launchpad developers underestimate Answers
<coolbhavi> yes..
<vojtech_t> txwikinger is right...
<coolbhavi> most of them do.. .
<coolbhavi> Any other Ideas on improving Support?
<coolbhavi> on LP?
* coolbhavi searches for theCore
<txwikinger> Not on LP.....
<andrea-bs> maybe more promotion from Canonical: look at <>, LP is the last item
<andrea-bs> I think we are more expert than Ubuntu forum users :-P
<coolbhavi> yes.. but with all that LP is going great..
<coolbhavi> Any support plans for hardy?
<coolbhavi> I think the RDC idea would be a bit weird...
<txwikinger> RDC?
<vojtech_t> RDC?
<coolbhavi> Remote Desktop help via ssh
<andrea-bs> mh... yes weird but not too bad
<txwikinger> I think we should find a mechanism to get the knowledge that is dispursed in LP by all those answers that solved questions into more concise help pages
<txwikinger> that in turn makes it easier to give answers again
<andrea-bs> there are the LP FAQs
<txwikinger> they are more about howto use LP, are'nt they
<txwikinger> I thought rather into
<andrea-bs> wait a moment, I'll show you them
<coolbhavi> yes..because we ask the users to provide more information if the problem is complicated and proceed further I think RDC is weird
<andrea-bs> txwikinger:
<vojtech_t> RDC is interesting idea, but I think it's impracticable...
<coolbhavi> andrea-bs yes and there is a tour also... But what <txwikinger> said was right pool up all the solved answers in one place so that the people can search answers for their problems and prevents duplication
* andrea-bs has to go
* andrea-bs has quit ()
<txwikinger> coolbhavi: yes .. or be able to refer back to those in an answer.
<coolbhavi> +1
<vojtech_t> there is no way to prevent duplication -- people are lazy, they won't search, or read FAQ, documentation etc.
<vojtech_t> (my expirience from czech ubuntu forum)
<coolbhavi> not lazy but most of them are newbies
<coolbhavi> vojtech_t RDC is impracticable due to the above reason...
<coolbhavi> any other support improvement plans <txwikinger> vojtech_t?
<txwikinger> I think what we have put together today is quite good for a start
<txwikinger> let's get going on those
<coolbhavi> yes.... I ll post the whole conversation on a wiki page...
<vojtech_t> yes
<coolbhavi> Where is our wiki page mate?
<coolbhavi> :)
<txwikinger> If we don't have one already, start one in the style of MOTU and BUGS
<txwikinger> Bugs that is
<coolbhavi> Yes
* coolbhavi googling
<txwikinger> This is our page
<vojtech_t> wow
<coolbhavi> yes got it..
<txwikinger> we should build up the wiki, with FAQ, logs of meetings, maybe recipes SupportSchool, similar to MOTU school
<vojtech_t> yes, good idea
<coolbhavi> Yes.. I shall put up this meeting log there..
<coolbhavi> I think we should go one step at a time mate
<txwikinger> true.. just a a longer-term target
<coolbhavi> yes.. How about the meeting and presentations frequency once in two months.. Any takers?
<txwikinger> yes good idea
<vojtech_t> OK
<coolbhavi> Then done mate... Thanks for coming to the meeting though was a little surprised at the attendance.. ;)
<coolbhavi> Have a great day ahead and hope we can take off on something from here...
<txwikinger> Thanks coolbhavi.. nice to meet you here
<txwikinger> same to vojtech_t
<coolbhavi> my pleasure and same to you guys.. 
<vojtech_t> Thaks.
<coolbhavi> Hey I almost forgot to ask you.. What is the essential role of the IRC channel of our team in your view?
<txwikinger> Well. so far we only do those meetings here, I believe
<txwikinger> Maybe we can use it to support each other a little bit
<coolbhavi> Yes My initial impression was that.. Discussing out questions and helping each other.. But nobody seemed to be around after meet is finished... :) Any takers on this?
<txwikinger> sure..
<txwikinger> I put this channel in the automatically joined channels now :)
<vojtech_t> :)
<coolbhavi> Ok great.. Lets get going on today's meet and help ubuntu spread.. It was great having such experienced guys here for the meet.. and it was truly a food for thought.. Have a great day ahead guys...:) 

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