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Namaste Smile :-) I am Vidya from India and I am proud to use only Ubuntu on my PC. From a dual-boot PC in first half of 2005 to a full Ubuntu PC running Breezy today, my Linux journey has been very positive. The best part of FLOSS is that anyone with a learning attitude is welcome. Since there are no restrictions on the basis of age, qualification, gender and other irrelevant things, each individual has an equal opportunity and can improve their skills as per their interests.

IRC Nick: svaksha @

Email : svaksha (at)


FLOSS Volunteer contribution

* List admin for 2 mailing lists with, an online community for women "using" Linux.

* Wrote a Sanskrit (SA) language locale with Christian (bubulle) Perrier which awaits inclusion in the Debian package : belocs-locales-data and also in package: locales (version: 2.3.5-6)

Ubuntu Volunteer contribution

* Currently translate for the Sanskrit localisation of packages in ubuntu for indian languages.

* Squash bugs on Malone and Ubuntu-bugzilla.

Bugs triaged on 2005-10-20

[] (rejected) [] [] (pending) [] (wishlist)

Ubuntu-Wiki pages created



I distributed the first batch of surplus Hoary CD's to many people locally and am happy to note that mostly students used it more than engineers. With Breezy one RH user has become a Ubuntuer. Next, I plan to distribute the Breezy CD's to local school students.

Ubuntu's future and me

I would love to see more women volunteering with Ubuntu for packaging, bug patching, as software programmers or other technical roles.


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