Ubuntu Women Project

Please visit our wiki at wiki.ubuntu-women.org. All links below will send you to wiki.ubuntu-women.org


  • Ubuntu Profiles - Meet the women who volunteer and help us here.

  • Ubuntu Interviews - Learn more about prominent women within the Ubuntu project.

Meetings & Events

  • Ubuntu Meetings - Check out notes from past Ubuntu-Women meetings

  • Ubuntu Events - Upcoming and past events held by Ubuntu-Women


  • Ubuntu RoadMap - The overall vision for each of our projects

  • Ubuntu ToDo - The Next Steps for each item on the RoadMap. If you are looking for a place to start contributing, please read this page. We are looking for volunteers of all time commitments and experience levels, both technical and non-technical

  • Ubuntu Ideas - Add your ideas on how the Ubuntu-Women group can increase the visibility and participation of women in the Ubuntu Community. These items may be incorporated into the RoadMap and the ToDo list

  • Ubuntu ProjectIntro - Details about starting a new project with us

  • Ubuntu ReportingPage - Monthly reports of team status

Ubuntu & Community Outreach

In addition to the projects and goals described above, Ubuntu Women are involved in the following community projects:


  • Ubuntu Links - This page includes resources outside of our (UW and Ubuntu) community.

  • Ubuntu ChallengingSexism : Improving FOSS & Ubuntu culture for all.

  • Ubuntu WomenAchievers - Read interviews, articles, etc.. about Women FOSS volunteers in the press/media.

  • Ubuntu Resources - Misc other resources generated by the UW and Ubuntu Communities. Includes resources to promote Ubuntu-Women at a local meeting.


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