Sven Herzberg is 22 years old and studies computer science at the university of Hamburg. He's using GNU/Linux since 1998.

I created several small packages for personal use and for some friends since two years now and I have set up a small repository for these packages. As I get my spare time better and better organized I know that I will have time to maintain my packages with the time they deserve (not just 2 hours each weekend).

I'm the developer of a small GNOME-based presentation application (criawips) and I'm very interested in the Hula mail and Calendar server.

Currently involved in Ubuntu by:

  • using it
  • telling people to use it and why they want to use it - at least as long as they haven't found their distribution (especially on German GNU/Linux events when representing GNOME and GNOME Germany)

  • reporting bugs
  • fixing some bugs (especially GNOME-related ones - usually trying to fix them Upstream)
  • building a few packages for private and public use
  • Documenting my experiences with LaptopTestingTeam/ThinkpadX41Tablet

  • trying to keep the Wacom Tablet working for Dapper

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