20180216 Meetup

We met at the offices of Puzzle Itc in Bern on 2018/02/16 and discussed the upcoming release party.

Not a great picture of the meetup but better than nothing


These are incomplete so please feel free to edit/expand:

  • The release party will take place at Puzzle Itc. Bern on the 26th of April 2018.
  • Puzzle and Open/CH will get in touch with various media outlets
  • SwissLinux/Gull/other LUGs should be invited/informed
  • More topics for presentation/talks need to be found. Ideas thrown around: LXD demo, gaming (steam)
  • Once the LoCo reapproval is done by the LoCo council, order goodiebag for the release

  • Is it possible to have t-shirts to sell?
  • Install party
  • Key signing party (if enough are interested)

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