Install-Party 18. Mai HTA (Horw, Luzern)

Download the presentation slides.

Together with the local Linux user group the SwissTeam will arrange a Ubuntu presentation and install party at the HTA outside Luzern. Just two weeks before the official release, we will focus on the new Ubuntu 6.06. Everybody is welcome to attend and bring their own computers if they would like help to install Ubuntu.

Die Teilnahme am Treff ist kostenlos und unverbindlich. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht notwendig. Die Treffs werden von Mitglieder der Linux User Group Switzerland (LUGS) mit Unterstützung der Hochschule für Technik und Architektur (HTA) organisiert.

Wann findet der Treff statt?

  • Wann: 18. Mai 2006
  • Zeit: 18.30 Uhr
  • Wo: Fachhochschule in Horw (HTA), Raum F304 (Trakt III, oberstes Stockwerk)

  • (Parkplätze vorhanden, Bahnhof Horw ganz in der Nähe)

Practical details

If you bring your own computer, please perform necessary backup and clean-up of your hard drive before arriving at the install party. At the very best, have a sufficiently large part (> 2 GB) of your hard drive empty, or have an empty partition that can be used for installation of Linux. Of course, resizing and repartioning can be done during the installation, and we will be happy to assist you in this if needed. However, these operations can be delicate, so have all important data properly backed up. Since they can also take some time, it's nice if it's already done and we can focus on the Ubuntu installation.

But again, we're happy to help anyone with these and any other issues, that's why we have the party!

Help will be available in Hoch-Deutsch, Schwyzerdütsch, English, Français, Norsk and probably more!

There will be CDs for installation of Ubuntu 5.10 and the pre-release of Ubuntu 6.06, as well as "live" CDs for trying out Ubuntu without installing anything on the computer. To be resource-friendly, we will burn CDs on demand. You are also welcome to bring your own CD, we recommend downloading and burning the newest live (or "Desktop") CD shortly before the party. The newest "daily" cd-image is here, but we can not guarantee it works every day...


  • Students here need wpasupplicant to access the school network/internet. On Breezy wpasupplicant was in universe, so if you want to install Breezy you will also need to bring an USB stick with wpasupplicant. I'm not sure about Dapper, will you be able to install wpasupplicant from the install CD? -Nils9
    • wpasupplicant is on the Dapper install CD. We'll also have wired internet available at the install party, for any extra packages we would need. -TormodVolden

  • I made another poster, what do you think about it? -Nils9

    • Cool! That was something different! Please get in touch with us. And please wear that costume at the party Smile :) -TormodVolden

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