Ubuntu Media

If you are in need of Ubuntu-Install-Media e.g. for an event, please get in touch with us. We offer a limited amount of LTS Media.

Marketing Material

We also have a small number of marketing material for events. You are able to request some of these goodies, by sending us an eMail, describing the event you are planning to attend. The exact number of goodies that we might give away for your event is decided by us, afterwards.

This is what we currently have in stock:

Items that can be hand out

  • 2 x Meerkat Shirts XL/XXL
  • 1 x Ubuntu-USB-Key in Creditcard form factor
  • 27 x Lanyards
  • 8 x Mixed Stickers
  • 2 x The Official ubuntu Book

Items that need to be returned after the event

  • 1 x large orange plane with the Ubuntu logo on it

Items that has ordered for a special event

  • 1 x conf pack [April 2013]
  • 150 Desktop + 25 Server CDs LTS (12.04) [April 2013]

Resources for printing

You will find different resources for printing on the Artwork wiki page.


Hassan El Jacifi and Marcus Moeller are responsible for the LoCo media management. To request media for an event or another reason, please join the Ubuntu Swiss Team and send your request to the Ubuntu Switzerland mailing list.

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