USB stick edition of Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop

Information, help and resources should come here soon.


The installation program, as well as the OpenExpo edition modifications:

USB stick project ideas

  • Install Ubuntu Desktop (live CD) on people's USB sticks or sell new ones
    • maybe a remastered Edgy version with updates, for instance:
      • bad install bug fixes EdgyKnownIssues

      • Swiss-French keyboard selection (deferred)

  • Ask OpenExpo about possibility (->Tormod: done)

  • Find a vendor to provide USB sticks (->Andreas: done)

  • Installation script (Tormod: done)

    • syslinux or grub? syslinux works kinda
  • Patching/remaster (Tormod)
    • casper patch hooks (done)

    • bug fix list: 59618 xforcevesa, 22985+28925+67487 ati (done)

    • remove wrong fstab cdrom entry (done)

    • link to SwissTeam or Swisslinux on the desktop (done)

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