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  • Merge ideas from minutes into this page under "contributed ideas" (I started but I probably forgot / ommited lots - Tribaal)
  • The minutes should remain a transcript of what was discussed (I know my ideas are merged with minutes, there should be put on this page too - Tribaal)
  • Make a "Tasks" section, to see what people proposed to do, and merge from minutes (to prevent contacting the same group / newspaper twice and look like disorganised idiots Smile :) )

  • As usual, beautify everything

List of meetings minutes


  • Two parties

Contributed ideas


  • The ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts) is sponsoring the use of one theory room and one hangout location (next to each other) at the Sihlquai 131 in Zürich, in the building currently serving the "Vertiefung Mediale Künste". Networking, fridge, coffee machine etc. are available.
  • camptocamp is sponsoring a conference room (PSE-C) at EPFL. Networking and fridge available.


  • Parking spaces: (Only for Ubunteros, i.e. people who are part of the SwissTeam or speakers at the party. You need a special parking permit to park there. Contact PsyQ for one, they cost CHF 4.-- each and are valid for the whole day.)

Different contact groups:

  • Digitale Allmend, "Freie Computer" (, Wilhelm Tux, SIUG, /ch/open, different LUG, GULL
  • The Alternative (netztier: I've been with the people of The Alternative today. Their upcoming event will take place before the 8.04 Release, but we could market our release party as "next event for the infected", and do a bit of marketing for each other)

  • (we'll make an/some announcement on our homepage, as soon as dates and locations are fixed)
  • and would probably make announcements too.

Lausanne announcements

  • Le 24 heures (Emmanuel Barraud) done

  • ATS-SDA (economie, online and lausanne) done

  • le matin (Luc Petitfrère (technique)) done

  • le matin bleu (Tristan Cerf) done

  • nouvo TSR done

  • Lausanne cités done

  • 20 minutes (economie and vaud) done

  • + mail to admins done

  • ubuntu-party mail to admin (publication request) done

  • Online Magazin from Young for Young Done

  • Couleur 3 done

  • RougeFM done

  • Gnugeneration EPFL done

  • done

  • Association pour le Logiciel Libre de la HEIG-VD (all-eivd) done

  • done

  • Tribune de Genève done

  • GITI announcement done

  • HEIG-VD students done

  • Announcement on done

  • Announcement on done

  • News team at tsr tsrInfo done

  • Announcement request sent to swissmedia phone/mail done

  • done

  • Announce-mailinglist of the GULL done

  • Annoncement on and via done

Zürich announcements

  • Opened a Thread, the Announce i'll ask them to do it Monday the 19. May done

  • The ZHdK's VMK blog ( done

  • Digitale Allmend done

  • ("Über Gnus und Pinguine") done

  • 20 Minuten done

  • Punkt CH (.ch) done

  • Heute done

  • (MoiraBrülisauerhas done it) done (i sent it to the "Regionalredaktion ZH")

  • züritipp done

  • Revamp-IT done

  • /ch/open
  • Live mention at OSS an Schulen presentation on the same day done


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