Karmic Koala Release Party

Ubuntu 9.10, codename "Karmic Koala" has been released on 29th October 2009. Let's party!!!

Attendees list

For helping out with organizing: Orga

Date and Location

Saturday, 21. November 2009, starting from 14:00 till midnight.

The party will be held at the offices of Puzzle. ITC who will be our sponsor for that day.

Address: Eigerplatz 4, 3000 Bern

  • CDs for 32bit computers will be available for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Server


To be announced. Several experts will be available to demonstrate the live system or help you install on your own computer.

Special thanks

The Ubuntu SwissTeam is very grateful to Puzzle ITC GmbH for supporting us.

How to get there

By train (from Bern main station):

  • Tram number 3 direction Weissenbühl till Eigerplatz. Puzzle ist in the building adjacent to the tram stop in the fith floor (look for "Peugeot" in the ground floor).
  • Tram Nr. 5 (direction ? ) till Eigerplatz (about 5 min.).
  • Bus number 10 direction Köniz Schliern till Eigerplatz
  • view map

By car (from the Bern Forsthaus highway exit): view map

Car parking

There are NO car parking facilities at Eigerplatz. It's possible to un- and upload in front of the house, but please do not park your car there, especially not in front of the public transportation garages nearby. Please, use City West parking facilities nearby (roughly 400 m away).

By train (from Bern main station):

  • Tram number 3 direction Weissenbühl
  • Bus number 10 direction Köniz Schliern
  • view map

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