Natty Narwhal Release Party in Winterthur

The event took place at the 30th of April 2011 in Winterthur. The participants took the chance to get a surface impression of the new Unity desktop environment.

GNOME 3 Release Party in Zurich

To celebrate the release of GNOME 3 we organized a GNOME 3 launch party in Zurich. About 20 people met on Friday the 8th of April afternoon (3pm to 7pm) at the ETH in Zurich. Marcus Moeller gave a deep overview of the whole Gnome 3 desktop, with the strength and and possible weakness.

Afterwards there where some warm discussions about Canonicals decision to 'fork' GNOME and to deliver their own desktop environment Unity instead.

Ubuntu Global Jam Zurich 2011-04-01

On 1st of April, we organized a Global Jam in Zurich. The main focus was to preview the Unity desktop environment (2D and 3D) and to find/report some bugs.

The event started at 3.00PM and ended at about 7.00PM. Besides ubuntu-ch members a few students showed up and activly took part.

We had several test machines, and also did test installs in virtual environments like VMWare Player / Virtualbox and reported a lot of bugs (~ 15).

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