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SynCE framework makes possible synchronization between linux and hand-held/mobiles with Windows CE/Mobile.

Release Note

SynCE 0.10 provides Windows Mobile 5 synchronization. Ubuntu should update to synCE 0.10.


Ubuntu should provide synchronization support with most of the mobiles/hand-helds.

Use Cases

  • Carlos wants to copy a photo that he shot from his Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. He plugs the cell phone at usb and Ubuntu mounts the folder.
  • Joana wants to backup her contacts from her hand-held. She plugs it at usb port and Ubuntu gives her an option to synchronize with evolution.


After synce would be nice to update opensync.


We should provide out-of-box support with most of the mobiles.


We will bring every synce component and make it easy to use. Initial packaging at

Base libs:

  • librapi2 (upgrade)
    • Make RAPI calls to a Windows Mobile device, runtime libraries This library is equivalent to rapi.dll on a Windows machine. It allows you to make remote calls to your Windows Mobile device.


  • libsynce (upgrade)
    • Helper library for SynCE, a tool to sync Windows Mobile devices The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows Mobile, or Windows CE, device from a computer running Linux, FreeBSD or a similar operating system.


  • librra (upgrade)
    • Library for synchronisation with Windows Mobile devices rra provides the necessary low level magic to synchronise intelligently with Windows Mobile devices, allowing you to tell what's been created/changed/deleted since the last time the device was contacted.



  • odccm (new)
  • synce-serial (upgrade)
  • vdccm (upgrade)

Other libs:

  • librtfcomp (new)
  • pywbxml (new)
  • synce-gnome (new)
  • synce-sync-engine (new)
  • wbxml2 (new)
  • synce-gnomevfs (new)

Kernel modules:

  • synce-usb-rndis-lite (new)
    • Could be replaced with a little kernel patch.
  • synce-usb-rndis-ng (new)

UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

Kernel 2.6.22rc3 needs a little patch to support Windows Mobile 5 out-of-box.

BoF agenda and discussion


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