Szilveszter Farkas (aka. phanatic)


  • Email: <Szilveszter DOT Farkas AT gmail DOT com>

  • Blog (in Hungarian): in English:

  • IRC: phanatic @ (#ubuntu-hu, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-devel and #bzr)
  • ICQ: 119118300
  • MSN: info AT psoftwares DOT hu
  • Jabber (Google Talk): szilveszter DOT farkas AT gmail DOT com
  • Skype: phanatic86 (rarely available)
  • Launchpad: phanatic

Contributions to OSS in the past

  • Nanoweb: PostgreSQL authentication module, unofficial Debian packages (see here)

  • blackPanther OS: Hungarian Linux distribution, some little hacks on scripts written in Perl

  • nanoFTPd: FTP server written in PHP, more like a PoC than a serious thing, needs time to enhance features, but no time for it now Smile :)

  • XAMS: first unofficial Debian packages (see here), Hungarian translation

  • Gtk2-Perl: first unofficial Debian packages (see here)

  • gbzr: Bazaar-NG GUI wriitten in GTK2-Perl

Contributions to Ubuntu

Planned contributions to Ubuntu

  • MOTU packaging
  • Community related stuff

About me

I'm a 20-year-old student from Hungary. I'm spending my second year at the Technical University of Budapest (nowadays called Budapest University of Technology and Economics). I installed my first Linux distro (Debian) about 6 years ago. Then I used SuSE, Mandrake and Red Hat before sticking to Debian again (suited the most for me). Since Hoary do I use Ubuntu, and I'm very satisfied with it so far (that's why I decided to contribute in some way: I began with translating into Hungarian - GaborKelemen: thanks for your support). In the future I'd like to contribute more: packaging, testing, and some community related stuff.


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