Trusted Platform Module

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. TPM devices have two main implementations: an older one, called TPM or TPM 1.2, which has been in use for a number of years in various applications, and a newer implementation called TPM 2, which has started to appear on many modern devices.

This document focuses only on TPM2.


[ describe theoretical uses for tpm2 ]

Using the TPM

Given the complexity of using a TPM, it is strongly recommended to use a resource manager (usually tabrmd, or the kernel's own resource manager, if available via /dev/tpmrm#)

It is also possible to use the TPM device or simulator directly as a device, see TPM/Testing

Starting a resource manager

If the resource manager isn't started automatically:

$ sudo service tpm2-abrmd start


/usr/sbin/tpm2-abrmd -T device

# For simulator ...
/usr/sbin/tpm2-abrmd -T mssim  

Listing PCRs

For Ubuntu 19.04 and newer:

$ tpm2_pcrlist

For previous releases:

$ tpm2_listpcrs

Hashing a value

[other useful userland things]


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