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Tassilo Naoki Nakagawa






student for Sociology


Hamburg Downtown


Support for Newcomers


When a pretty new computer magazine named "com!" brought out an article about the soon coming out Vista I decided to switch either to Mac OSX or Linux soon.

When the hardware-elements of my WinXP-HDD started to make strange noises I tried to backup the whole data. First I put the HDD to another WinXP computer but I could not backup one file at all.

Becoming more and more stressed I booted from an Ubuntu-GutsyGibbon-7.10-Live-Disc. After backing up 160 Gig (Windows named it: corrupt data) by a Linux-Live-System with no problem from one HDD to a new one I decided that there would be no better time to switch. Online I did a Linux-Test (Which Linux is the best for me?). Debian was the answer of that question, because I wanna have a system which can run Mail- and Webservers and stuff like that.

I installed Debian Etch and was more than happy. I still am.

By the way: "The data is still 100% intact"

For all my friends and people around me in Real-Life I recommend Ubuntu, because it is a fast growing, very stable and secure distribution, it brings all the programs people usually need and it just needs a few small learning-steps to get used to when coming from WinXP.

All the people who switched to Gutsy by my influence are more than happy and proud to use it.


I just have basic knowlegde in HTML, some graphics and C++. I just started with Linux, but I am learning fast.


My hobbies beside computing, Internet, Chatting, Linux and so on is:

  • Playing the guitar
  • Movies
  • Talking on the phone
  • Roller-Skating
  • Going for a Coffee with a friend
  • Surely most important of all: my wonderful girlfriend, Wink ;-)

The Project and my part in it

Deciding that Ubuntu would be the best distribution for users switching to Linux, I wanna build up a LUG in Hamburg.

I offer support for Newcomers, Meetings in Hamburg, Information, Material and so on.

I am looking for people in Hamburg, already found some, who wanna help me give Information, CDs, Installationparties, Info-Lessons and Linux-Meetings to Newcomers.

Anybody who is interested, please contact me via Email, the movement needs your support.

I want to support the Ubuntu-Project by:

  • Giving information about Ubuntu-Software, Ubuntu-Organisation and Open-Source in General
  • Passing on Material, Flyers, CDs, ...
  • Giving Information-Events with the help of experiences Linux-Users at the University of Hamburg
  • Helping inexperienced Linux-Users with problems in Hamburg in any possible way
  • Helping people setting up an getting to know Ubuntu on their own computer

Thank you for interest by reading all those details, Wink ;-)

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