The Arkansas LoCo was founded to promote Ubuntu and linux in Arkansas. (In early 2010 the team's name changed in LaunchPad from TeamArkansas to the Arkansas LoCo.) If you use linux, register at launchpad and go to (If you set your location on the map on your OWN launchpad page, when you join the Arkansas LoCo we can see what part of the state you're in.)

The Arkansas LoCo forum:

Anybody with linux can join. All skill levels are welcome. By joining the team, you can gain many linux skills.


IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-ar

If you would like to register your nickname with IRC the command is

/msg nickserv register "password"

once registered only you can use that nickname.

IRC logs (from about January to October 2010) at

IRC logs (from 22 November 2010) at

In 2010 we started having Tuesday Night Chat Night on #ubuntu-us-ar, starting around 9:30pm local time (US Central). Other times of the day or night, you may get a response from some of the team members who leave IRC up a lot.

Mailing list:

To join the list, visit

Launchpad Membership Policy

Membership does not expire and the Team is currently Open to anyone who would like to join. The only requirement is that you live in or near Arkansas.

Sub-pages :


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