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Welcome to the BuntuPeople Project. This project is dedicated to encouraging the use of the Ubuntu Family, both in a personal and an enterprise environment. Many of use enjoyed using our first Ubuntu distro's, and this project aims at spreading that joy to others who are not fortunate to have that joy yet.


Buntu People is a huge project and a massive campaign that is aiming to reach to Microsoft Windows XP Users and offering them a modern, unique, stable, fast, powerful, highly customizable, active and amazing community based, open-source, free Linux-based system which could be a viable replacement for their current systems. BuntuPeople is simply offering NOT ONLY one "replacement" for their current Operating System, but the whole Ubuntu family, and an introduction into the world of LINUX - Please see Ubuntu Family.


Microsoft Windows will stop supporting Windows XP on 8th of April 2014 - for more details, please read this article.

Microsoft is offering two options to Windows XP Users (Small to Medium Business):

  • If your current PC meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can buy Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro from a local retailer or Microsoft Certified Partner.
  • If your PC does not meet system requirements, consider purchasing a new business PC with Windows 8 Pro.

Start Ubuntu Project is simply introducing the Ubuntu Family to Windows XP Users. Smile :)


We plan to spread awareness about the benefits of the Ubuntu Family, especially to those who may not have even heard of Ubuntu until now. This would be achieved through spreading the word through as many mediums as possible - Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, Websites, Advertising, Mobile Applications etc. No medium is to be left out! Even the old fashioned way of verbal communication is viable way.


Thank you for your help and support. We appreciate your interest and passion to spread the word of Linux. Please, read the below steps:

  • Read BuntuPeople Wiki Page - the same page that you are at right now and check the 6 different tabs.

  • Sign up by adding your name to the Launchpad page Page.

  • Register a Blueprint in case you have any idea to share with us regarding this project. So, please feel free to think loudly and share with us.

  • Spread the word as much as possible. You can create some Artwork if you are a Graphics Designer (no need to be expert) and add that to Artwork Page. You can use the Social Media as well which is a very good way to spread the word. If you do have a blog, it is so nice of you to write a post about this project. If you have a personal website, that would be even better specially if you have many visitors. If you run a Computer Shop or Company, this is an amazing chance to reach to more people. There are tons of ways to help us to spread the word Smile :)

  • Some Real-Life activities would be super helpful and great as well. Telling your friends, mates, etc. Show your friends Ubuntu or any of its variants and explain to them some basic features to attract them. There are tons of things you can do Smile :)


  • Join StartUbuntu Team. Once you do, you will be automatically subscribed to the mailing list where all our communications can be found. You can view the public Mailing List Archive here if you wish.

  • We can use IRC for Live Chat too (#start-ubuntu on Freenode).

Promotional wallpapers

Please look at the launchpad team for this, as that would also offer hosting of the content

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