August 2012 Team Reports


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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

  • 2012-08-02 Meeting (log):

    • LoCo Council catch up

      • Things are going pretty well, trying to find ways of working together, seems a lot of them have a bunch of stuff going on lately in their personal lives
      • Had had over 34 to do this cycle, they're down to 15
      • Many teams come to meetings for reapproval and others due to timezone difference and language come via email, working out well
      • One issue seen a lot is team leaders not communicating information from the LoCo Council and other LoCo news down to the rest of their team

      • Some continued issues with CDs, including teams having and communicating when there are issues, and confusion about who can request them (team contact vs team leader(s)) but this is improving
      • A lot of LoCo teams are doing really great work

        • Recommended encouraging these teams to be more proactive about sharing their success with the broader community
        • LoCo Council to see about getting "guest posts from successful teams" on their blog regularly

      • Council could do better at taking swifter action on some of the trickier issues they've worked with, "we have ideas and plans, and then we dont seem to be able to push past the discussion to make a decison as we have lots of opinions" - considered making a better effort at having some regular hangouts in spite of time zone issues
    • Updates from the CC
      • The forums council brought to our attention the needed upgrade to 4.x of the forums software, so czajkowski followed up on the ticket and things are moving forward, it's now tossed out to the community to help write the SSO plugin:

        • The upgrade is required for new spam prevention tools, forums staff are working hard manually managing spam right now, so help is appreciated!
      • The CoC rewrite is still pending, when dholbach comes back from vacation he'll merge in some changes we discussed and we'll do another call to the community for final feedback once we've gone through it again
  • 2012-08-16 Meeting (log):

    • Ubuntu Membership Board GMT+ catch up
      • The new split of the boards is working pretty well to both get good time coverage, and avoid meetings without quorum
      • Outstanding concern about users in Myanmar who are unable to sign the CoC (thus not eligible for membership), still waiting on detailed response from user so Launchpad folks can find a solution, see here

      • There's also sometimes an issue of people not realizing that significant and sustained contributions are required for membership, some think it's a step you take to get permission to contribute
      • Documentation on Membership is quite clear, but suggested ways this could be simplified (or a simplified version created and linked to more detail) so people are more inclined to read it

      • Action: czajkowski to look into into getting the /Membership wiki page translated
      • Action: Membership board to look into writing simplified membership page
    • Code of Conduct review
      • Action: YokoZar to push new branch of CoC update based on latest Etherpad, fix grammar

      • Confirmed that a the branch will be shared in public
    • Issue of Ubuntu Membership being tied to Ubuntu upload rights, particularly in the case of per-package uploads (PPUs) was brought up again
      • Action: YokoZar to email DMB ~ membership not being required for PPU rights (formerly beuno's action item from July)

Developer Membership Board


Meeting started by Laney at 14:01:21 UTC.

Meeting summary

  • Review of action items
    • micahg to document the zentyal packageset (Laney, 14:03:19). This is still outstanding.
    • micahg to ping beuno regarding CC discussion on whether upload rights should confer membership (Laney, 14:03:35). Scott Ritchie started this discussion with the DMB in private. All DMB members are to respond and we are to make a decision outselves.
    • stgraber to clean up coredev/motu duplicate package set rights (Laney, 14:05:51). Done.
    • remove scott from ubuntu-core-dev until he signs the CoC (Laney, 14:06:49). For clarity, this refers to Scott James Remnant. Done, with a note that if he decides to sign the CoC then he will be readmitted.
    • Laney (tumbleweed) to contact the uploaders of unused packagesets (Laney, 14:07:15). Sugar done, schooltool carried. There was a short discussion about other packagesets; see the below action items.

ACTION: laney to delete network-manager packageset (Laney, 14:09:08)

ACTION: laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset (Laney, 14:09:17)

ACTION: laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed (Laney, 14:09:29). Done:

  • Per-Package Uploader application: Keng-Yu Lin.

LINK: (Laney, 14:10:41). ACTION: stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts (Laney, 14:55:48)

This application was discussed and voted on. The outcome was:

  • Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts
    • For: 5 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Members voting for: Laney tumbleweed barry bdrung micahg. Keng-Yu Lin's PPU application for fwts is approved.

  • Next chair

ACTION: next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed) (Laney, 14:58:00)

The meeting ended at 14:58:03 UTC.

Action items

  • laney to delete network-manager packageset
  • laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset
  • laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed
  • stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts
  • next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed)

People present (lines said)

  • Laney (70)
  • kengyu (24)
  • meetingology (19)
  • micahg (17)
  • tumbleweed (13)
  • bdrung (9)
  • barry (6)
  • ScottK (3)
  • stgraber (0)
  • cody-somerville (0)

Full Log

  • 14:01:21 <Laney> #startmeeting

    14:01:21 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Aug 27 14:01:21 2012 UTC. The chair is Laney. Information about MeetBot at

    14:01:21 <meetingology>

    14:01:21 <meetingology> Available commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired

    14:01:34 <Laney> who's here?

    14:01:38 <micahg> o/

    14:01:46 <tumbleweed> o/ 14:01:47 * bdrung is here, but ill.

    14:01:51 <barry> o/

    14:02:23 <Laney> is the agenda current?

    14:02:38 * Laney is looking at and seeing things not on there

    14:03:04 <micahg> Laney: it is now Smile :)

    14:03:10 <Laney> heh

    14:03:11 <Laney> #topic Review of action items

    14:03:19 <Laney> #subtopic micahg to document the zentyal packageset

    14:03:21 <Laney> pending?

    14:03:24 <micahg> yeah

    14:03:35 <Laney> #subtopic micahg to ping beuno regarding CC discussion on whether upload rights should confer membership

    14:03:47 <Laney> done - yokozar started it

    14:04:12 <Laney> we got some +1s - should be able to finish with this before the next meeting?

    14:04:21 <tumbleweed> sounds likely

    14:04:28 <Laney> ok

    14:04:39 <micahg> yeah, if everyone could please respond (DMB members, myself included)

    14:04:47 <Laney> will someone get the CC to decide?

    14:04:49 <Laney> I'll +1

    14:05:16 <micahg> well, the idea was we (DMB) decide and the CC only acts if we're deadlocked

    14:05:30 <Laney> oh, so we can just go ahead

    14:05:31 <micahg> AIUI at least Smile :)

    14:05:31 <barry> doesn't sound like we're deadlocked

    14:05:33 <Laney> sounds good

    14:05:51 <Laney> #subtopic stgraber to clean up coredev/motu duplicate package set rights

    14:06:02 <micahg> I think this was done as well

    14:06:17 <Laney> I also believe that to be the case

    14:06:27 <Laney> #subtopic stgraber to clean up coredev/motu duplicate package set rights

    14:06:34 <Laney> that's scott remnant fyi

    14:06:38 <Laney> oops

    14:06:49 <Laney> #subtopic remove scott from ubuntu-core-dev until he signs the CoC

    14:06:56 <Laney> & also done

    14:07:15 <Laney> #subtopic Laney (tumbleweed) to contact the uploaders of unused packagesets

    14:07:24 <Laney> I just pinged Luke about sugar

    14:07:32 <Laney> which other ones are a concern?

    14:07:50 <tumbleweed> is unr used?

    14:07:52 <ScottK> Which Scott?

    14:07:55 <Laney> I propose to contact the TB as owners to get rid of unr/netbook(/mobile?)

    14:08:00 <tumbleweed> ScottK: not you Smile :)

    14:08:03 <ScottK> OK.

    14:08:03 <Laney> 27/08 15:06:34 <Laney> that's scott remnant fyi

    14:08:07 <micahg> ScottK: keybuk

    14:08:25 <ScottK> tumbleweed provided the critical part of the answer to my question.

    14:08:43 <Laney> cyphermox just said in #-desktop that networkmanager is unused

    14:09:03 <micahg> Laney: schooltool and mobile

    14:09:08 <Laney> #action laney to delete network-manager packageset 14:09:08 * meetingology laney to delete network-manager packageset

    14:09:17 <Laney> #action laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset 14:09:17 * meetingology laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset

    14:09:29 <Laney> #action laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed 14:09:29 * meetingology laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed

    14:09:33 <Laney> ok?

    14:09:39 <micahg> sounds good

    14:10:33 <Laney> #topic Per-Package Uploader application: Keng-Yu Lin

    14:10:41 <Laney> #link

    14:10:53 <Laney> kengyu: Hey, that's you Wink ;-)

    14:11:03 <kengyu> hello all. /wave

    14:11:10 <Laney> kengyu: Can you introduce yourself and your application please?

    14:11:50 <kengyu> I am a Canonical employee; I work in the Hardware Enablement team, we are responsible for the Ubuntu preloads for OEMs.

    14:12:20 <kengyu> I am from Taipei, Taiwan, and am also a Ubuntu user for long time. Smile :-)

    14:12:44 <kengyu> I am applying the PPU for fwts...

    14:13:20 <Laney> Can you quickly explain for the laymen here what fwts is about?

    14:13:55 <kengyu> because it is part of HWE team's project, and we offer the software for a various uses (certification, OEM, UEFI plugfest, etc).

    14:14:50 <kengyu> it's suite of tests focusing on BIOS (or firmware in others words) and UEFI hardware (we are still working on this).

    14:15:25 <bdrung> kengyu: what does fwts stand for?

    14:15:51 <kengyu> "FirmWare Test Suite"

    14:16:45 <kengyu> the current tests fwts has in documented in

    14:18:05 <micahg> kengyu: I noticed in you switched from dh-autoreconf to autoreconf, could you please explain why that was done?

    14:19:27 <kengyu> it's just because that Lucid does not have dh-autoreconf and Lucid was the LTS at that time, so I decided to keep the latest code working on Lucid.

    14:22:41 <micahg> kengyu: were you aware that dh-autoreconf did more than just the configure step?

    14:24:15 <micahg> kengyu: also, since I assume you weren't uploading to the archive, dh-autoreconf was available in lucid-backports

    14:27:56 <kengyu> micahg, I think dh-autoreconf does not cleaning work. But my original intention was not to "revert" the use of dh-autoreconf and use hand-made 'autoreconf' commands in debian/rules...

    14:29:15 <kengyu> I added the dh-autoreconf support in a previous patch. But had another one to use autoreconf because of Lucid support.

    14:29:24 <micahg> kengyu: right, which would be fine, but there are two parts and I only saw the configure part in that changelog

    14:29:45 <micahg> s/changelog/diff/

    14:30:30 <kengyu> micahg, it's good to know that it is in Lucid-backports. at the time I just noticed the build failure in the PPA.

    14:31:42 <micahg> kengyu: right, the more important part though is only implementing a partial manual rule in its place

    14:33:20 <kengyu> micahg, Yes, thanks for this. This will be something I will work on. Smile :-)

    14:33:28 <Laney> thanks

    14:33:33 <Laney> does anybody have any other questions?

    14:33:51 <tumbleweed> sure

    14:33:56 <tumbleweed> kengyu:;a=commitdiff;h=ca9a4ac791265e0e4e945c2472aee6650b078d7d

    14:34:09 <tumbleweed> does that mean it's ging to get upstream releases soon?

    14:34:15 <tumbleweed> *going

    14:36:05 <kengyu> tumbleweed, it's the plan. at least releasing as a tarball eases the pain for packaging for other distros (we've seen bug reported from gentoo too).

    14:36:17 <tumbleweed> yeah

    14:36:24 <tumbleweed> can we expect to see it in Debian, too, then?

    14:37:29 <kengyu> I have that as my plan. But it takes some more time before issuing the ITP. the ACPICA code (is in fwts) from Intel has some legal/copyright issue.

    14:37:58 <kengyu> there will be some more discussion I expect. 14:38:05 * tumbleweed looks forward to that at some point

    14:39:34 <Laney> kengyu: Quick question about the Ubuntu release cycle

    14:39:49 <Laney> kengyu: Do you know what Feature Freeze is and how it would impact any uploads of fwts you might perform?

    14:40:32 <kengyu> Laney, yes, after that freeze any upload will require the FFE.

    14:41:34 <Laney> kengyu: Where can you find out whethere we are in feature (or any other) freeze?

    14:41:53 <Laney> also, it's not quite 'any' upload — only ones which contain new features (i.e. aren't purely bug fix)

    14:42:31 <kengyu> from there is a schedule table.

    14:42:58 <kengyu>

    14:43:42 <Laney> kengyu: thanks, that's it from me

    14:43:45 <Laney> bdrung: go

    14:44:35 <bdrung> kengyu: fwts will fail to build twice in the row once you switch to the "3.0 (quilt)" source format

    14:45:42 <kengyu> bdrung, really! I did not notice that.

    14:46:02 <bdrung> kengyu: the source package content changes after one build:

    14:46:26 <Laney> that's what micahg was getting at with the autoreconf questions

    14:46:44 <bdrung> kengyu: there might be no difference if you use the same autotools version

    14:47:39 <kengyu> brendand, ok, I will look at this. there should be more cleaning.

    14:47:57 <Laney> it's what dh_autoreconf_clean would do for you if you used that

    14:48:12 <bdrung> kengyu: do you check the lintian report including experimental before the upload? lintian found some typos in the source.

    14:50:19 <kengyu> bdrung, no, I did check the lintian error/warning. But I just check the ones from pbuilder-dist...

    14:50:57 <bdrung> kengyu: lintian has experimental and pedentic tags that are useful to check, too

    14:51:32 <Laney> running out of time, let's move on

    14:51:34 <Laney> barry: got anything to ask?

    14:51:42 <kengyu> bdrung, this is nice to know. I will check it next time. Smile :-)

    14:51:47 <barry> Laney: no, my questions have already been asked by others

    14:51:51 <Laney> thanks

    14:51:52 <Laney> anyone else?

    14:52:20 <bdrung> nothing important

    14:52:33 <Laney> education can continue elsewhere afterwards

    14:52:54 <Laney> #vote Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts

    14:52:54 <meetingology> Please vote on: Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts

    14:52:54 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    14:53:08 <Laney> #voters bdrung Laney barry micahg tumbleweed stgraber cody-somerville

    14:53:08 <meetingology> Current voters: Laney barry bdrung cody-somerville micahg stgraber tumbleweed

    14:53:31 <tumbleweed> +1

    14:53:31 <meetingology> +1 received from tumbleweed

    14:53:38 <barry> +1

    14:53:38 <meetingology> +1 received from barry

    14:53:46 <bdrung> +1

    14:53:46 <meetingology> +1 received from bdrung

    14:53:58 <Laney> +1 good endorsements, good review process upstream

    14:53:58 <meetingology> +1 good endorsements, good review process upstream received from Laney 14:54:34 * Laney peers at micahg

    14:54:40 <micahg> +1, would love to see this in Debian soon

    14:54:40 <meetingology> +1, would love to see this in Debian soon received from micahg

    14:55:09 <Laney> #endvote

    14:55:09 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts

    14:55:09 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    14:55:09 <meetingology> Motion carried

    14:55:16 <Laney> congratulations!

    14:55:41 <kengyu> thanks. Smile :-)

    14:55:48 <Laney> #action stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts 14:55:48 * meetingology stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts

    14:55:54 <Laney> #topic AOB

    14:56:47 <Laney> silence is good

    14:56:52 <Laney> #topic next chair

    14:57:01 <Laney> who is it?

    14:57:03 <Laney> I lost track

    14:57:08 <barry> cody-somerville Smile :)

    14:57:44 <Laney> or?

    14:57:46 <tumbleweed> probably me, in practice

    14:57:51 <Laney> ok

    14:57:52 <barry> i think so

    14:58:00 <Laney> #action next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed) 14:58:00 * meetingology next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed)

    14:58:02 <Laney> cheers

    14:58:03 <Laney> #endmeeting

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