December 2014 Team Reports


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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Developer Membership Board


Meeting summary

  • Chair: bdmurray
  • Present: ScottK, stgraber, bdrung, rbasak

Core Dev application: Robie Basak (rbasak)

  • ACTION: bdmurray to add rbasak to core-dev team (done)

Forum Council

An update from the Forums Council for December 2014

* Created a new staff group of Super Moderators to facilitate mentoring of future FC candidates.

* Congratulations to slickymaster, oldos2er, and oldfred on their appointments., our first 3 super moderators.

* No new Ubuntu Member applications this month.

December meeting logs

IRC Council

LoCo Council

Membership Boards

Technical Board

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Xubuntu Team

  • Team Meetings
  • Team Updates
    • Lots of positive social media response to both the Xfce surveys and call for testing of Intelligent Panel
    • Not much in the way of image testing currently
    • jjfrv8 finished the power manager docs I started abd then postponed, and they're already online ->

    • package testing slow - as expected, given we've pulled that back now
    • QA and dev/ochosi calling for testing on staging
    • jjfrv8 has been patiently checking through testcases for reporting issues
    • Started planning a Xubuntu QA global jam for the California LoCo on Sunday February 8th, local marketing/qa?

    • Thanks to Unit193 we'll have a panel in our ubiquity install session that exposes important indicators (network, sound, a11y)
    • ochosi tested bluez5 (as that is supposedly an upcoming transition) and things seemed to work just fine (bluetooth keyboard)
    • Unit193 and bluesabre are also working towards resolving the black background in our ubiquity install session
    • gtk3.14 is still stuck, #ubuntu-desktop folks (mostly larsu) are still working on the transition
    • Team vote, carried: Based on the feedback from the community, should we stick to our decision of not installing XChat by default anymore?

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Argentina Team

Asturian Team

Australian Team

Belgian Team

Cameroonian Team

Canadian Team

Catalan Team

  • December 14th: Call for a place to make next vivid release party.
  • December 19th: two team members receive an invitation for the Ubuntu phone release in London in February

China Team

Chilean Team

Ubuntu Colombia

Czech Team

Danish Team

Dutch Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Hungarian Team

Indian Team

Ubuntu Ireland

Ubuntu Israel

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Montenegro Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Quebec Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Serbian Team

* Ubuntu hour - lectures for beginners were held in Belgrade haklab, every Tuesday.

* On Monday, 01st 2014 12:00 - 18:00 UTC Ubuntu support party for HIV positive persons were held in Belgrade haklab. Gathering and sharing knowledge and talk about safety at all levels in life.

* On Friday, 19th Dec. 2014 12:00 - 18:00 UTC Be Ubuntu party was held in Belgrade haklab.

* On Saturday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th December Administration team meeting was held.

* On Wednesday 31st Ubuntu New Year Eve. Happy holidays.

South African Ubuntu team

Swedish Team

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team


Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Iowa Team

New York State Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ohio Team

Oregon Team

Pennsylvania Team

Virginia Team

Washington Team

Wisconsin Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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