June 2008 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Development Teams


MOTU Mentoring

  • vorian (mentor: imbrandon) and hellboy195 (mentor: bluekuja) have been accepted into the new universe-contributors team, congrats to both!
  • An email has been sent to all mentors in our list to provide feedback on the status of their activities. Out of 17 mentors, 4 mentors answered; further contacts have been established through UDS.
  • Two new contributors have dropped without even starting and are being replaced. Another contributor left after a while since he didn't feel he had the necessary technical skills.


  • mok0 processed a bunch of merges in u-s-u. Contributed introduction to UbuntuDevelopers, we still need to update the MOTU pages.

MOTU Council

  • MC "Call" 21st May
    • Open Applications: Emanuele Gentili, Pedro Fragoso, Steve Stalcup, Andrew Pollock, Stefan Potyra, Zengpeng Hou
  • Confirmed Emanuele Gentili as Universe Contributor
  • Confirmed Steve Stalcup as Universe Contributor
  • Deferred recommendation for Andrew Pollock for core-dev, pending sponsor interaction
  • MC "Call" 28th May
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso, Stefan Potyra, Zengpeng Hou, Richard Johnson
  • MC "Call" 3rd June
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso, Stefan Potyra, Zengpeng Hou, Richard Johnson
    • Taking action to support MOTU SRU growth / member replacement
    • Update of UbuntuDevelopment to encourage applicants to first organise their sponsors

  • MC "Call" 11th June
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso, Stefan Potyra, Zengpeng Hou, Richard Johnson
    • Discussion about how to speed up the application processes of the MC:
      • Daniel added a note to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers to ping your sponsors before you apply so they can follow up with their feedback on the application thread quickly.

      • MOTU Council members will set up weekly reminders to themselves to ensure all applications have the information they require.
  • Welcomed Zhengpeng Hou back to the MOTU team.
  • Recommended Stefan Potyra for ubuntu-core-dev.
  • Recommended Richard Johnson for ubuntu-core-dev.
  • MC "Call" 18th June
    • Open Applications: Pedro Fragoso
    • Selecting an Emblem for Ubuntu Contributing Developers (escalated from MOTU Meeting)
      • The "wrench" emblem was unanimously selected
    • Reviewing MOTU Meeting minutes to ensure decisions are taken, and the results published
      • Will become a standing agenda item to review outstanding MOTU Meeting issues
    • Discussion of MOTU Decision making
      • Agreed to pursue discussion as individual MOTU until otherwise escalated
  • MC "Call" 25th June
    • Open Applications: None.
    • Review of last MOTU Meeting Minutes, open action items: None.
    • Short discussion about Mentoring and MOTU School classes.




Matt Zimmerman (chair) Scott James Remnant (board member) Till Kamppeter Jamie Strandboge Martin Pitt Stephan Hermann Soren Hansen Kees Cook Chuck Short Mathias Gug

Ubuntu Core Developer application from Till Kamppeter

The MOTU council recommended Till Kamppeter for membership in the core development team:


In the course of the interview, it was agreed that more limited access privileges would be sufficient and appropriate for Till to continue his work on printing in Ubuntu.

launchpad does not yet provide this type of fine-grained access control, but it is expected in the near future. As such, the board resolved to grant Till membership in ubuntu-core-dev, to be transitioned to the new mechanism once it becomes available. In the meantime, Till agreed to voluntarily limit his use of ubuntu-core-dev privileges to the relevant set of packages (to be agreed with the board separately).

Ubuntu Core Developer application from Jamie Strandboge

The MOTU council recommended Jamie Strandboge for membership in the core development team:


The board approved Jamie's application and welcomed him to the core development team.

Desktop Team

  • Video4Linux DVB drivers packaged for hardy with DKMS.

  • PackageKit now works in Intrepid.

  • GNOME updated to 2.23.4 in Intrepid.
  • GNOME updated to 2.22.3 in Hardy.
  • Synaptic gained Xapian-based fast text search
  • New "staticswitcher" in new compiz git snapshot for Intrepid
  • New "dark theme" in Intrepid

Server Team

Ubuntu Studio

  • Continue testing and fixing bugs.
  • Working on art ideas.
  • Updating wiki.
  • Refining internal processes.

Xubuntu Development

  • Artwork team has created the mock-ups for Intrepid Ibex.
  • Final Community Stategy meetings were held; the final strategy specification will be announced on or about July 1st.
  • Most translation issues that popped up in Hardy have been fixed.
  • The membership status of Jim Campbell (jwcampbell) in the team Ubuntu Members (ubuntumembers) was approved. Jim is the Xubuntu Documentation Team Leader.
  • Several important security fixes were handled by members of the Xubuntu developers team (currently in progress).
  • Bug #232364 was heavily investigated and a fix was found by Cody Somerville.
  • Several high visibility bugs resolved.
  • Intrepid Ibex Alpha 1 was released.


  • KDE 4 became the default KDE with most KDE packages becoming KDE 4 versions. kdelibs from KDE 3 is still available for applications which have not yet been ported to KDE 4.
  • The Kubuntu Council chose new members, Celeste Lyn Paul, Lydia Pintscher and Yuriy Kozlov being added.
  • Kubuntu Tutorials Day took place with five successful talks, some new developers have stuck around since then

  • Richard Johnson became a core-dev
  • Kubuntu Intrepid Alpha 1 was launched with a KDE 4 desktop
  • Many packages were merged

Team Name

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Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Irish Team

Japanese Team

Team members have written the following articles for local magazines:

Tamil Team

  • Ubuntu Kaippidi Thozargal (Hand Over Friends) launched.

  • "Payanarin Paarvaiyil - Ubuntu" - User Guide for Ubuntu to be written collaboratively and published in next four months. Language Tamil.

German Team

  • Berlin:
    • On Jun 16th we held a Bug Jam in Berlin's c-base. It was a great success, we answered lots of questions and the general agreement was to have another one. (Participation in the GlobalBugJam is planned)

    • We hosted the closing event of LinuxTag at c-base. Around 200 people came to the Ubuntu Barbecue session and we had a great time.

Team Name

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  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Full Circle Magazine

  • Issue #13 was released on Fri. 30th May and has received nearly 20,000 downloads in three weeks.
  • #14 has reached the second and final preview stage and is being given a final proof-read and check by the marketing team.
  • In translations: #11 French, #12 Italian and #12 Chinese (traditional and simplified) are all on site for download.
  • Robin Catling has been investigating the creation of an HTML edition of FCM. A preview has been upload to: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/html/ - the process to get each issue from raw text to HTML edition is quite lengthy so more investigation is needed to streamline/automate the process.

  • Matthew Rossi has been unable to produce the podcast due to real-life stuff, but Emmanuel Morales has expressed an interest in taking over the podcast.

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