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The technical board and senior Ubuntu developers will discuss nominations for the expansion of the technical board. SABDFL would like to grow this to at least 5 people, and shift the emphasis from developer upload permission granting to feature planning and architectural work.

Upload Permission

The technical board is currently directly responsible for granting upload permission to all developers, both in ubuntu-core-dev and ubuntu-dev. This takes up a large amount of the board's time, and especially for ubuntu-dev, is largely a matter of seeking information from the MOTU team leaders.

Granting upload permission for ubuntu-dev members will be delegated to a MOTU leadership team, as described in the NewDevelopers specification. The technical board will maintain oversight of this, including performing the group changes, but will not be the active participant in the process.

This frees the board up to take on other responsibilities.

Release Planning

The technical board will take a more active role in the planning of releases, and in the release schedule as defined at FeaturePlanningProcess. The board will select broad goals and themes for the next release at both the previous developer summit and finer-grained goals at the previous developer sprint.

The board will then be responsible for selecting which specifications are to be discussed at the developer summit for that release, and selecting approved specifications to be actual release goals.


The terms of office of the current board members has expired, and nominations need to be held for both the current board seeking re-nomination and developers newly nominating themselves.

The current membership is:

  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • Matt Zimmerman
  • Scott James Remnant
  • Matthew Garrett

The size of board will be expanded by one member to five; all of the current members are seeking re-nomination. The SABDFL will select which developers are to be considered and arrange for a vote amongst the developers to elect the new board.

This will take place by November 21st, so that the new technical board may convene on that day.

The term of the new board members will be one year. Further elections will take place in six months time to elect a further member to the board.


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