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Intended Releases

Breezy Badger Released

BreezyPressRelease <-- Someone take a look at this and add to it!

Here are some branstorming notes.

We need press releases relatively quickly (to take advantage of Breezy's release) to raise our awareness factor in the mainstream press. Something audacious may get headlines, such as "Not your Father's Linux", or a hint at our challenge to Microsoft. At the moment the content is not vital, just to get our name out there. People later will hear more about Ubuntu and the name will be familiar.

-- CharlesArnold

eh? 'content is not vital' ??? without content, Ubuntu will be seen as the distro no-one talks about! :p content is *the* most important means of making sure the distro becomes a world-wide household name! -- Jimm (aka the digitalmouse (digitalmouse at

"Next Step in the Evolution of Humanity" I'll create a Wiki something like BreezyPressRelease and we can have people start working on one....

-- MikeSylvester

If we are not writing a release very soon I fear we may have missed a Golden Opportunity, and might have to regroup for Dapper. People also respond to something New, even if it's a release....

-- CharlesArnold

Recent Highlights

If it was anyone here, come forth and take credit, but the Breezy Badger release is getting some press coverage.

Inward Transfer - for integration


We should write up a section for the Ubuntu - Participate telling the community how they can help spread the word.

-- MikeSylvester

Should we add a Liaison to The Fridge, to keep them posted of our gains/successes? If we had a link on the page under "In the Press", 'Help put Ubuntu in the spotlight' or something, pointing back here, it would be a great way of attracting members and contribs.

-- MikeSylvester


Press Releases For Consideration

I think this is functionally complete, but I'm sure it needs to be tweaked, so go at it.

-- MikeSylvester

Get Breezy!

The Ubuntu Linux community just celebrated the massively successful release of their 3rd installment, dubbed Breezy Badger. Massive demand from thousands of hungry consumers caused long delays on the servers for most of the day, this response was above and beyond what anyone expected. <<QUOTE FROM DEVELOPER/BREEZY MAINTAINER>> "we knew it was going to be bigger that the last release 5.04, but the response was overwhelming.

Ubuntu is a relative newcomer to the Linux scene, with the first release in October of 2004, but in it's short time here it has skyrocketed in popularity and sophistication. In the one year since 4.101 was launched, Ubuntu has risen from near obscurity to one of the most popular Linux distributions

*UK Linux & Open Source Awards - Reader Award for best distribution

*TUX Magazine Readers Choice Award for 2005 – Ubuntu and Kubuntu (Ubuntu's sister distribution)

* Linux Awards - Best Community, Distribution and Best Newcomer

*PC World - “100 Best Products of 2005”

Ubuntu has also partnered with HP to be their laptop Linux option, unfortunately right now it's only being offered outside of the United States. There is a bright side though, with HP working directly with Ubuntu, the work they have done shows up in 5.10 with much increased laptop support. Along with this, they have made great strides with 3D acceleration, out-of-the-box support for Bluetooth (keyboards and mice), and HP's entire line of All-In-One printer/scanners. The improvements are coming in great leaps and the future looks bright!

Many a developer lost sleep over making sure that anyone can install Ubuntu, and with a minimum of effort. The installer is smooth and easy, letting you dual-boot (access multiple partitions on the same machine via a boot-menu) with an existing Windows installation. The installer will safely make room for Ubuntu, without losing any data on the Windows side. It lets you know exactly what it's doing at all times, and even the most novice of users can have Ubuntu up and running in about 30 minutes.

With no signs of stopping, the Ubuntu crew are already hard at work on the next release 6.04, Due out next April. Ubuntu adheres strictly to putting out a new version with new features and functionality every six months. There is official support for each release for 18 months, with bugfixes, security updates, and support in the community forums. With the companies vision: “Ubuntu will always be free of charge”, what this really boils down to is that with new versions coming out every six months, you will never pay for an upgrade, you will never pay period! When a new release is announced all you have to do is put the new CD in, and the system will update itself.

Ubuntu has come a long way in a short time, in large part to the community that surrounds it. This community is open to all people regardless of technical know-how, and every one is welcome.

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means "I am what I am because of who we all are". The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

To find out more visit

If you want to see the community-first hand ,

Mike - can we angle this as a Review? Personlaise it and get it out and about - as a satisified user?

-- LloydHardy


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