This serves the MarketingTeam to sketch a letter addressed to other Linux communities.

Addressed to all GNU/Linux communities worldwide, to everyone and anyone interested in the prosperity of Free Software and to regular GNU/Linux home users who simply want equality in support to mainstream PC users.

ChrisLees came up with this simple template for reporting to hardware manufacturers that their product works with Linux:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you today to express my delight with your product, product-name, and its (excellent, good) compatibility with Linux.

  • Upon (plugging, installing) your device into my computer, distro-name-and-version correctly detected it and (mounted the drive, allowed me to use it).

  • After I (plugged, installed) the device into my computer, and installed an open-source driver available from (url, repositories), distro-name-and-version correctly detected it and allowed me to use the device.

  • Although your device did not initially work correctly with distro-name-and-version, I was able to make it work. I have detailed the steps below, so you can advise your customers and/or improve its functioning: 1. ..., 2., ...

My particular Linux distribution uses kernel version x.y.z, and I am running it on arch. I expect that it works with some earlier kernel versions and other architectures, though.

I believe that if you print Linux compatibility information on the packaging of your products, more Linux users will buy it. [My decision to buy your product was on the basis of its reputed compatibility with Linux.]

Yours truly,


Please feel free to improve this letter. - ChrisLees


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