These tests are to check the functionality of the file-roller package. Please try to run all of the following tests.

Report any bugs you find using the following command in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug file-roller

You can learn more about reporting bugs at


For every test, start file-roller new, for example by opening a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and running the "file-roller" command from there.

Creating an archive

  1. Make sure that in your home directory there is no file named "fr-test-archive-1.tar.gz" (remove/rename it if necessary)
  2. Click Archive -> New

  3. Enter "fr-test-archive-1" as name
  4. Verify that target folder is set to your home directory, and that type is set to "Automatic", and click New
  5. Click Edit -> Add Files

  6. (TBD: add some directories as well)
  7. Select the file "/etc/issue" and click OK
  8. Verify that an archive with name "fr-test-archive-1.tar.gz" has been created in your home directory
  9. Verify that the file is a valid tar.gz archive:
    1. Run "tar tzf ~/fr-test-archive-1.tar.gz" in a terminal, and verify that the output is exactly "issue"
    2. Run "tar xzf ~/fr-test-archive-1.tar.gz -O" in a terminal, and verify that the output is exactly the content of the /etc/issue file

Opening .tar.gz archive

  1. Make sure that there is no "/tmp/issue" file (remove/rename it if necessary)
  2. Click Archive -> Open

  3. Select the file "fr-test-archive-1.tar.gz" from your home directory
  4. Verify that a single "issue" file is shown
  5. Click Archive -> Extract

  6. Select Other -> /tmp/ as target directory

  7. Click Extract
  8. Verify that the file /tmp/issue exists now and that it has the same content as /etc/issue:
    1. Run "diff /tmp/issue /etc/issue; echo $?" in a terminal and verify that it prints only a "0"

Creating an archive in a remote directory (samba/ftp/http/sftp)

Opening an archive from a remote directory (samba/ftp/http/sftp)

(regression test for bugs like LP 263026)

Opening an archive that is contained in another archive

(test case: an archive contains another nested archive; when trying to open the nested archive, a second file-roller window should be started)

Previewing a file from an archive

(test that it is possible to double-click on text files/images/audio files in an archive and have the file opened in gedit/eog/totem/other appropriate application)

Opening an ISO file

(test that .iso files can be opened in file-roller)

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