These tests are to test the functionality of the Tomboy package. Please try to run all of the following tests.

Report any bugs you find using the following command in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug tomboy

You can learn more about reporting bugs at


First test : Adding the application to the panel

  1. Right-click a panel and choose 'Add to Panel'
  2. Choose 'Tomboy Notes' from the menu and click the Add button

Second test : Adding and editing notes

  1. Left-click on the newly added Tomboyapplet
  2. Select the 'Add new note' menu item
  3. Replace the standard title with "Testnote" and add some text of your choice
  4. Close the note
  5. Repeat step 1 and then click on the entry 'Testnote'
  6. The previously created note should appear with the text you entered

  1. Add a new note as described above
  2. Add some text containing the word 'Testnote'
  3. Tomboy should replace the word automatically with a link to the previously created note
  4. Click on the link to 'Testnote' which should open the corresponding note
  5. Select a single word or phrase of your choice and click 'Link' button
  6. This should open a new note with the selected word/phrase you selected

Fourth test: Creating notebooks

  1. Open the Search All Notes window
  2. Choose File -> Notebooks -> New Notebook

  3. Give the notebook a name
  4. Confirm that the notebook is listed in the left pane of the Search All Notes Window, File -> Notebooks menu, and in the Notebooks menu that comes from left-clicking Tomboy's icon

Fifth test: Creating a note in a notebook

  1. Open the Search All Notes window
  2. Choose File -> Notebooks -> New some notebook Note

  3. Enter some data in the note
  4. Left click the name of the notebook in which you chose to create the note
  5. Verify that the note shows up in the right pane
  6. Repeat, creating the note by left-clicking on the Tomboy icon in the notification area and using its Notebooks menu

Sixth test: Filing a note

  1. Open a note that's currently in the Unfiled Notes section of the Search All Notes window
  2. Click the Notebook icon on the note
  3. Choose a notebook
  4. Verify that the word "Notebook" under the notebook icon has changed to the name of the notebook
  5. Verify in the Search All Notes window that clicking on the chosen notebook displays that note in the right pane

Seventh test: Printing notes

  1. Open a note which is linked to other notes (preferably linking the same note more than once, or linking to a note that links back to this one)
  2. Choose Tools -> Print

  3. Check the Print Preview and confirm the following:
    1. All linked notes are present as well
    2. No linked notes are repeated

Eighth test: Export to HTML

  1. Open a note
  2. Choose Tools -> Export to HTML

  3. Save the .html file on the desktop
  4. Open the .html file in the web-browser of your choice
  5. Verify that no data is lost

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